Ngan (Do follow me on Google+) came into this world on September 1982, he grew up in a small town in Peninsular Malaysia called Ayer Tawar, the tiny little town is well known for its mischievous people, so said the outsiders. That pretty much explain my rebellious years as a teenager back then, Ngan grew up dreaming of becoming a web designer. However, upon graduating high school the dot-com bubble burst, the idea of becoming a web designer remains a dream forever until his discover of blogging.

Ngan spent some time in school, spent some time in college, spent most of his time daydreaming and after all these years, it breaks down to nothing all of the sudden.

Somewhere in between there he began his love affair with vegetarianism (which never work out) and of course photography, which never quite work out either, but hopefully it might in the near future.

Upon graduating from Limkokwing University, Ngan escape to the capital in the year 2005 working as an assistant architect in a small firm. Eventually, he got no where with that position and end up being an office boy or better known as CAD Monkey. 10 months of slavery and a robotic life left him almost-retarded and completely burnt out, his brain was severely damage due to the constant nagging and scolding from his boss. He quit his job when he realized that he could not take it anymore to the point where he almost wanted to re-arrange his ex-boss face.

That job nearly left him paralyze, he survived death after battled with his tyrant boss. Interesting things of note might be that Ngan could not figure out why he chooses architecture instead of graphic design or computer science, but since he is here well over 6 years in this industry he decided to settle down for good – writing about architecture.

When not snapping pictures or polluting the Internet with his emptiness and bad English grammar articles, he can generally be found at the coffee powder section in a supermarket.

Random Facts

  • Indulge myself in classical and jazz music.
  • Always insanely lazy in school. Scoring with a decent grade point average was a miracle.
  • Do not believe in God in any way, and consider myself a secular humanist, if there is such a thing.
  • I have over the years reached some sort of addictive level of coffee consumption, which is bad for health, but then again I do not plan to live for that long, but long enough to achieve my goals. What do you plan to do? Out lives all of your family members and enemies?
  • I believe the Internet to be the greatest invention ever made along with books.
  • Physically : skinny, don have muscular body with six packs at tummy, mine is the all new 6 in 1 pack tummy.
  • Mentality : (error, system overload: sorry the brain you are looking for is currently unavailable. The brain might be experiencing technical difficulties)
  • Emotionally : made out of highly enrich uranium (very unstable)
  • Economically : thickness of wallet: 0.1 cm, no plastic pieces measuring 7cm by 5 cm with a dove hologram.

Less Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?
I’m Ngan, Chinese and no, I’m not from China.

No! I mean the real you?
Okay, I’m superman.

You must be joking right?
I’m serious

Are you a web designer?
Nope, my knowledge in html and css is minimal.

Are you a photographer?
Not yet.

An architect?

How do I download your 3dmax library to play on my computer?
Find a nerd.

What kind of Architecture you practice or admire?
Minimalist, well to be honest it would be like a fusion between Tadao Ando and Renzo Piano, the reason being that these architecture of their are ‘timeless architecture’, unlike Zaha Hadid’s techtonic architect that will eventually decay into an eye-sore concrete blocks like those 60’s and 70’s contemporary architecture. Personally, neo-classical building would be the right keyword, call it uncreative… whatever.

What kind of camera do you use?
A Panasonic Lumix FZ-20 with a 12x optical zoom.

Why Panasonic and not Canon or Sony?
Well, only Panasonic’s Lumix has this thing called “Optical Image Stabilizer”, it uses the optical lens to avoid blur-ness- don’t you hate it when you have to re-capture the same image twice or maybe three times? On the other hand, Sony and Canon use “Digital Image Stabilizer” – a gimmick for non-tech savvy people. Put it simple, its like trying to sharpen an image in photoshop after capturing it. Panasonic prevents blurness, Sony and Canon Cure blur-ness.

Did Panasonic pay you to say this?
No, I wish they would.

How much is your salary?
Manners, people!

Screw manners. How much are you earning?
It’s against my religion to reveal the actual figures. Anyway, my numbers probably won’t assist you.

How long have you been blogging?
About 1 year plus and another 2 more years before I expire and decay into dust.

Another 2 more years, you gonna quit blogging?
Well, eventually I have to, everything has an end to it.

Will you blog about my country’s architecture?
Maybe, someday.

My hometown?
Less likely, but still maybe.

My house?
Probably not.

What’s with the name “mirage” and “7??
No idea, I suppose mirage and 7 are unique, it’s like love – only in the mysterious equations of love that any logical reasons can be found.

How do I start a blog like yours with my own domain name?
Well, you can call a nerd to help you or try, highly recommended by me due to their quality hosting and don’t worry about all those php and mysql and geek stuff, they have this “one click installation” blogging thing for non-nerdish.

Is that how you set up your blog?
Definitely not by using that “one click installation”. I prefer to do it manually.

You must be a nerd then!

Do you smoke?

How often do you smoke?
Depends again on my housemates, I’m a secondhand smoker.

You are so cute, can I apply to be your girlfriend?
Sorry girls, application closed.

Your parents must have been thieves, they steal the stars from the sky and put it in your eyes!
Please! That is the sweatiest thing I ever heard of, and I believe I am going to get diabetics!

I am serious! You got beautiful eyes!
I think I need an insulin shot.

Are you gay?

Do you enjoy working as an assistant architect?

Will you join back the same architect firm again?

Do you always use the “No” word?

This is your last question in FAQ?
… err…yes!