15 Drawings of Human Silhouettes by Famous Architects

Updated on January 4, 2022 in Illustration and Presentation

Noor Makkiya compiled a list of 21 human sketches by famous architects, It’s interesting to see how much of each architect’s personal sense of style can be reflected in a simple doodle of a person, and how each artist truly has their own distinct approach to form construction. Below are 15 of my favorite sketches, do visit the original website for more images.

alvaro siza figure
Alvaro Siza [ Wikipedia ]

andrew geller
Andrew Geller [ Wikipedia ]

cf moller
C.F. Moller [ Wikipedia | Official WebSite ]

claude parent
Claude Parent [ Wikipedia ]

frank gehry figure
Frank Gehry [ Wikipedia | Official WebSite ]

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glenn murcutt
Glenn Murcutt [ Wikipedia ]

le corbusier figure
Le Corbusier [ Wikipedia ]

norman foster figure
Norman Foster [ Wikipedia | Official WebSite ]

oscar neymeier figure
Oscar Neymeier [ Wikipedia ]

peter cook figure
Peter Cook [ Wikipedia ]

renzo piano figure
Renzo Piano [ Wikipedia | Official WebSite ]

sanaa figure
Sanaa [ Wikipedia | Official WebSite ]

santiago calatrava figure
Santiago Calatrava [ Wikipedia | Official WebSite ]

steven holl figure
Steven Holl [ Wikipedia | Official Website ]

walter gropius figure
Walter Gropius [ Wikipedia ]

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