Frank Gehry Custom Jewelry Design Collection for Tiffany & Co.

Updated on August 8, 2019 in Architects and Fashion

Found this article while reading david’s blog. Yes, its yet another exclusive collection by Tiffany & Co for the filthy rich, the difference between this jewelry and other on display is the designer. Be amazed by the fact that Frank Gehry is the lead designer for these jewelry masterpiece.

Doesn’t look much like Gehry’s style, perhaps Spit Fire might approach Gehry for a new SkateBoard ramp design. I can’t wait for that.


Tiffany & Co. and Frank Gehry: In a collaboration of historic significance the world’s preeminent jeweler and most innovative architect have created jewelry of astonishing originality and sensual beauty. These are designs the world has never seen before. Sharp angles. Fascinating juxtapositions. Only Tiffany could transform these remarkable ideas into jewelry. The result is astonishing. Each of these form engages both out intellect and our deepest emotions.

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