Le Corbusier Paintings

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Le Corbusier Paintings

Le Corbusier is not only an architect, he is more than an architect. I’ve always thought that he is the person behind the infamous Grand Comfort Sofa chairs, but never thought that he is also into paintings. Paintings that are par in term of artistic style with Pablo Picasso.

Le Corbusier was interested in his search for organization of the represented figures on “regulating traces”, geometrical grids with which he would establish dimensional relations of harmonic proportions. It is a procedure that he used to adopt in architecture as well as in painting.

Le Corbusier Paintings
Just like music, which is organized on mathematical patterns among sounds, their repetitions and cadences, which give it rhythm and harmony.

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He is an architect that loves things that are proportionate not in term of design but in term of mathematical explanation. Which can be clearly seen in almost all of his architecture and paintings. He reminds me of Da Vinci, a man ahead of his time.

Le Corbusier: why he is adored and detested

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  1. Hello!

    My name is Marco Gennari, and I just happened to come across this blog, while flipping on Google through the images regarding Le Corbusier. I am the one who made those paintings and sketches at the bottom of the article, so I figured that Ngan Calvin (if it is him who wrote the blog) must have taken a look at the relative web page that I uploaded on the internet. It’s been a pleasant surprise, and it made me smile in amusement!So I just thought I would drop in to say hi.

    Since it is maybe not quite clear in the blog, I would just like to point out that those two bottom drawings are inspired by Le Corbusier’s works and researches, but have nothing to do with them directly, of course, since I made them myself 4 or 5 years ago. The seaside represented is actually the landscape of Sardinia, the beautiful Italian island in the Mediterranian sea. I am from Italy, by the way, and I am writing from Monza.

    Since I downloaded a few AutoCAD blocks and tutorial pages from your web site, I would suppose that the exchange is even! Thank you for taking the time to read and elaborate that web page of mine. I wish you all the best, in school, if you are still studying in college, or/and in general, with your jobs and lives!

    Good-luck, good-bye,

    Marco Gennari.

  2. Marco…. are you indeed the same Marco i met on Yougo? if so how are you sir? very nice diagrams, i too am studying the great Le Corbusier, such an inspiration is he not. must dash, keep up the good work :) x

  3. Hey guys, :)
    I’m Ali Morshedlou, An engineering student from Iran, and I plan to do some researches about Le corbusier works and art, and how he thought, I mean I’m looking for what was going on his mind because I want to know ,if it’s possible, what are the factors which can guide someone through a creative design process as powerful as what Le corbusier did. In fact I’m looking for geometrical elements, creativity, special elements, or relationships between his paintings and architecture, or some thing like that. I know I’m not clear enough and it’s just because I’m at the start point, and not an architect as well.
    Anyway, I’ve got interested in this article, reading the comments, And as far as I understand you did some research on his works, so I was just wondering that if it’s possible to see some of your works and use them ( of course considering the copyright) in my project, specially I’m interested in your analysis and I’ll be too glad and appreciate it :)
    wanna know more about me? just contact me by email or you can find some of my photography works on facebook.com (Ali morshedlou photography public page) or some sketchings on the archilovers.com ,(unfortunately the facebook.com profile is almost Persian but it’s not hard to find the photo galleries)
    Anyway, thanks for reading this,
    kind regards,
    Ali Morshedlou

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