7 Creative Posters On Animal Cruelty And Hunting Endangered Species

Updated on December 31, 2019 in Advertisement

Against Animal Cruelty

Against Animal Cruelty

This is by far the best ads against animal cruelty, most of the ads in this genre are not strong enough to sent out the intended message due to the fact that violent images are not allow in newspapers. These ads are a remarkable in term of creativity, hope that this will change the mindset of those who treat animals cruelly, including those who purchase make-up or health products that uses animals as white mice. Don’t treat others the way you don’t want to be treated.

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wwf hi res rhino Against Animal Cruelty

wwf hi res shark Against Animal Cruelty

wwf hi res tiger Against Animal Cruelty

wwf blood Against Animal Cruelty

wwf shark Against Animal Cruelty

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  1. this is a realy good adlertisement but , you can not read the blog , and once you look at the picture you want to read on but u cant read it….

  2. this are good advertisments but i don’t think are the way to go in trieng to get the message out about animal cruellty

  3. This is really good advertising, hitting where it hurts!! This campaign really calls attention to the problem of animal cruelty and brings things into perspective…if this shocks you, then changing perspectives around to reality where humans do this to animals on a daily basis should be equally as shocking!

    Great work my friend!!!

    P.s is it possible to send me these images in a higher resolution? (I used my email to post this comment)

  4. such great adertisement i always say this to ppl like what if animals ate our babies or even us there would be so much fuss over it but because its the other way round ppl dont care its sick to be honest animals deserve better

  5. i hate animals getting hurt it is not kool why would you hurt a animal it is like hurting your litle sister or brother you love them to death even tough you fight with them sometimes your with them to the end so stay with a animal friend to the end dont eat them becuase your hungery

  6. I can’t belive that this is realy happening. In some land we have dogs and cats and waheter animals, that we taik as a baby for us. It hurts me so mutch to look at this, pictures of animals tortured, it realy breaks my heart. I cry all night over this, that it never stopps. If I just had the power and money or whatever it taiks, I would stop it on the minute. But it’s not mutch I can do. These animals deserve more then this. I wolud die to save these animals. But the quastion is how, what am I seposed to do have do? I have a dog, I’ve alwayas had a dog, andi love him so mutch, if this happend to my dog, I don’t know, I would kill myself cause an animal means so mutch to me. Pleas somewone stop the crueality. It wolud do so mutch to my heart, and every animals in the world.

  7. I Agree Animals Do Not Deserve Such Torture Like They Do. I Am 100% against Animal Cruelty.
    More People Should Become Vegetarians,Not Meatatarians. The Society Needs To Listen..Up and look at how much harm they are doing their fellow Earthling.

  8. i love animals so i sometimes protect small one like birds.my older brother shot a watergun at a helpless chick who couldn’t fly so i tried to protect it myself.

  9. The monkey one is ironic since it was all a urban myth that people did that. Just proves that people love a good reason to hate.

  10. I love this. Although I think the one in the ice could have a greater impact if it was in a hospital. You know in “our habitat”.

  11. This is sick and you are all deranged lunatics with your priorities messed up if you can look at ths and feel anything but how sick and twisted and misguided the creator of these ads must be. You all are disgusting people.

  12. You’re missing the point, commenter number 13. What PEOPLE do is sadistic and cruel. It is making an appropriation of what PEOPLE do ALL the time. This is why our world is falling apart because of people like you.

  13. Are u people fucking insane to think a dead human baby is on the same level as a dead seal, walrus, cat or giraffe? Those who think that a human baby’s life is something to be used in animal cruelty ads are complete assoles n and hasve mental.problems. I don’t believe in mindeless cruelty to animals unless.I’m eating a steak. But goddam people. Really?

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