Architects are Sexy

Updated on January 11, 2022 in Architects and Fashion

banana republic sexy architects advertisement

Here is an advertisement from Banana Republic, a fashion company. It appears that they’re promoting architects as a cool looking hunk surrounded by sexy young ladies, in reality it is the other way around. I would assume that they’ve got this idea from some kind of survey that says architects are sexy and ladies would literally die to marry an architect.

Architects are Sexy

Old Spice – Architect

Old Spice is a body shampoo for men. At least they portray architects as someone that does manual labour and holding an oversize paper and pointing at something in the sky.

Yes, we shower in our living-room.

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  1. Well, i have dated an architect and he was the sexiest man i have even been with…;)

    So it is true, architects are sexy!

  2. Being Architect myself I can only say . ” Being Sexy is just one of the many qualities of the person who is in this profession”

  3. I have only an architect ex-bf of 2 years so can’t generalize all. I must say that this architect ex is:
    – good looking
    – romantic, surprised me all the time with his creative drawings & designs for me, making me laugh
    – fickle minded and indecisive, in the matter of the heart, can change his heart overnight
    – stubborn, in his view about designs

    Yes, my ex seems to be the best man I ever knew (a rare spices)…. but guess every gal think the same way with him, and that’s the whole problem. When he can have too many choices, no one can be with him for too long.

    A recent tv series I watched showed how a successful architect causing so many tragic endings for the girls he loved and his own very close buddies, because of his indecisiveness in the matter of the heart.

    Perhaps that’s the trait of creative people? No one is perfect no matter how sexy and lovable. :(

  4. i am an architect i think we r somehow “i don`t know” have special personality may be it is reflect from core to out side but i can assure 4 u that we have beautiful girls

  5. Works for both sexes in the profession to be honest. We may be indecisive at times but be glad were not cold hearted and calculating unlike “other” professions.

  6. That’s a mere reality! I’m an male architect yet student.I have been with the most beautiful girls since ever. Here is why do we come up as sexy males :
    1st. We know how to handle it with care because, unconsciously pay attention to every little detail, the way we walk, the way we dress (sexy), the way we talk, the way we glaze (romantic), easy going as well.
    2nd. We are naturally Hard to get males. Because we are busy and when we don’t see them (the girls) many times it makes them wonder.

  7. not only male architects,ok?
    female architects are sexy and hot, too!! i’m going to be an architect soon, so watch out!!!
    based on other people’s observation, they noticed that it’s only in architecture that they’ve seen that all girls were slim, sexy, smart and creative. they were amazed to see how focused we are on what we’re doing and how we managed to still look good even if we are experiencing sleepless nights.

  8. Why do you assume that only the man in the Banana Republic advertisement is an architect! The women in the picture could be also architects. Really oldfashioned and chauvinist! And none of them are wearing black…

  9. haha i love architecture i’m sooo intO it and i’m Only 16 what dO yOu think wOulD it be a great career as it shOws?

  10. Oh, people, I’m not an architect, but interested in architecture, professionally as well. So, I deal with architects a lot. But me myself, I’m an aesthetician – and don’t agree with ish’s note that only girls architects are ‘were slim, sexy, smart and creative’ – exactly the same is in my area. Moreover, I’d list many scientists and researchers who look the same :D. It’s all because of lack of sleep I guess ;).

  11. None of them look like architects, and certainly none of them are sexy. Just a bunch of boney coat-hanger models.

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