Architects, Doctors, Prostitutes and Clients

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Why do Architects, Engineers, Accountants, Lawyers and Prostitutes have clients while only Doctors have Patients? I’ve been searching for the answer high and low ever since I’ve posted this question month ago, and finally found it during a conversation with my office senior draftsperson.

The only profession that deserve our respect is the doctor, I don’t know about engineers and accountants, but I do know how architects find themselves.

  • Architects thinks that they’re the most culturaled person on earth
  • Architects thinks that only architecture is the toughest course to study
  • Architects thinks they’re one class above others
  • Architects thinks they are doing a great service to the world but in fact they’re wasting the world natural resources by building non-sustainable buildings, buildings that uses up energy and wasting spaces with their space wasting ideas.

I hate to say this but the only profession that deserve our society’s respect is non other than doctors, yeah not because they are rich, it is because they are the most professional among all. They need to know everything, from A to Z when it comes to curing a sick person. Unlike architects or lawyers or engineers, these so called professionals need workers to back them up, most of the time their knowledge in their respected field is so so only.

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Take architects for example, the young project architects will sketch the design and then the senior will fine tune it then pass it to the junior draftsperson to CAD it out and then compile a presentation board. Then they’ll brief the architect on the idea and concept, all the architect have to do it present “HIS” idea to the client and negotiate for a small sum of fees.

Can a doctor do that? Can a doctor ask his nurse to diagnosis the patient? Can the doctor hire a junior doctor to run his clinic? Nobody but the doctor himself can perform, can he can sub it out and he can ask someone to take care of the patient.

Like prostitutes, architects, lawyers and engineers are business man, their job is to bring back business for the office and like all prostitutes, they only know one small part of the practice.

The author is not a CAD expert nor a web genius. Just another guy spending too much time online. The tutorials featured here are meant for basic level understanding.


  1. I have to say I disagree with a portion of your argument… The general practitioner I used during college was merely a name on the door at “his” office; I never met the guy. He had an extremely nice office with a host of young doctors tending to the patients. He, like many SOME architects never directly addressed his client/patients though I’m quite sure he made a nice profit off of them. You say that doctors are somewhat more “professional”; I say by using the term professional you are implying an ethical yet business mentality nonetheless. Doctors are humans too.

  2. Are you implying that a prostitute can actually sub her job to someone else? Haha.

    Actually doctors are indeed required to know A-Z but most of them actually don’t. Why else do you have specialists? They know most information regarding their own specialised field but not others.

    Besides, the healthcare industry IS a business and it is not as professional or “clean” as you think it is. In some countries, Pharmacists have the license to diagnose too. Doctors are not irreplaceable.

    Anyway I just find your argument very one-sided with multiple generalisations and flawed on many levels.

  3. Here’s something for you to chew on….The prostitute can sub all aspects of the job, except the actual service. As to the need for specialists, one can get to the bottom of that once one does an MD. The human body is not a machine, but a vast conglomeration of systems working in cohesion. No wonder it took millions of years just progressing from amebae to man. As for the specialists,’not knowing about the other specialty’, it is a division of medical consulting that is a result of medical insurance. Advice by a specialist in an unrelated area can be mis-used by the patients. And yes, the healthcare industry is a business….but look carefully, with your eyes wide open. The industry is primarily the management of the hospitals, the financial backbone, and many such people who have built a complex around the doctors. They are the ones that run the business. The doctors can consult on the sidewalk, for God’s sake. Its for all the modern gigs and paraphernalia that you enter the hospital. And I do not know where you found out that pharmacists can diagnose disease….because if that happens, you might as well start calling your automobile mechanic to rectify problems in your computer. See how specialised that breed is when the difference is just that a car has a combustion engine attached to a computer.

    Every professional has a right to his space, and to feel that he is good. So let us not argue about trivial matters. Maybe physicians are valued because what they handle is the most valuable thing on Earth – human life. Everything else can be replaced or bought….till we meet God.

  4. Listen…There is no profession without NEGATIVE aspects to bring up…CRITICS are good when they are ONLY constructive…Why would we waste time on NEGATIVES …? The Doctor needs us architects to design his office so he/she will work in a comfortable environment, every profession DIRECTLY COMPLEMENTS one another…By the way I have nothing wrong with the strippers post me one:)

  5. Re Dr Bhalchandra:

    I am a Singaporean medical student in the UK. Whilst I agree with your assessment of the value of the human body, I disagree with the incongruous analogy you draw between pharmacists diagnosing disease and automobile mechanics rectifying computer problems.

    In the UK (and in most countries, I would think), pharmacists ARE indeed licensed to diagnose certain minor ailments. There are drugs requiring a doctor’s prescription and drugs which can be bought off the shelves. Between these two categories, however, are drugs which may only be obtained following a pharmacist’s diagnosis and recommendation.

    Nurses have more powers than pharmacists. Senior nurses in the UK are licensed to diagnose and treat a wide array of conditions. They can prescribe most drugs from the British National Formulary, and there is currently debate over whether trained nurses should be allowed to perform basic surgical operations.

    As opposed to auto mechanics who have no background in computer science and informatics, pharmacists and nurses (at least in the UK) are well-trained in…dare I say, medicine, and hence have a good working knowledge of common conditions and their treatments.

    I have full respect for my future partners in healthcare and do not see their increasing powers as ‘encroaching’ on my profession in any way. If anything, they are doing doctors a favour by sharing some of our strenuous workload.

  6. I am a little at a loss for what the essay is trying to say, so lets dissect it (kind of like a doctor would do) for the logical fallacies employed to present an intrinsically weak point.

    The weakness I think mostly derives from the lack of accuracy in the “thesis” statement. As it is written, doctors are the only professionals who deserve respect (and infers that architects do not) This is supported by trying to generalize architects as arrogant and self-centered, as depicted in the (notably) disrespectful, but also generalizations which have no support or basis in factual events which would illustrate this to be true. I think these could aptly apply to any human being, including myself, because ultimately we are all self centered. This is the unfortunate flaw in self awareness and the downfall of the human condition. But I digress. It seems similar to calling someone fat or ugly or stupid, is really an implicit hasty generalization in which the premise is not made known and presumably stems from sort of unresolved loss at the hands of an unscrupulous architect.

    An attempt is made a defining some words through illustration, but as someone who does not know what a word means will use the same word to define it employs a circular reasoning fallacy. Where professional refers to a member of a profession, they are defined by the means of attaining it. Generally speaking, a profession is a specialized occupation or vocation characterized by intensive training leading to a first professional degree and subsequent licensure by a regulatory body. If both achieve these milestones in separate professions is one more of a professional than the other? By definition they are equal, but in regards to education they are not, and not in the way that has been presented. This is more of apples to oranges type of comparison. Doctors need to know A to Z about the human body and Architects the building, and lawyers the law. Clearly no one can know everything, so the support falls back to professionalism which is a moot or contradictory point because one professional is not more professional than another professional in a different profession, which itself begs the question.

    I am a little rusty on my logic, but may be the story the architects idea goes like this: the architect has an idea (stated), the architect’s idea is worked on by others (stated), and therefore the idea is no longer the architects (implied through sarcasm). This one is tough, the Straw man is where the premise is misrepresented, and the refuted, but this one is refuted in the conclusion. Would that make it a …shit, I have to go look it up, be right back….OK, this is an Accent fallacy (change of accent on the word HIS) which is also a type of equivocation fallacy where his does not have the same meaning with in the argument and is thus void. Both of these are fallacies of Ambiguity. part of the larger fallacies of ambiguity. It also seems to be a fallacy of presumption because it assumes the idea was changed by those who worked on it.

    Next we have doctors misrepresented. Nurse Practioners and Physician’s Assistants routinely do these things for Doctors. Then prostitutes are misrepresented, unless they actually do have an office to which they bring their business, but I hardly doubt that prostitutes only know one small part of the business. Even if the architect lawyers and engineers do only know one small part of the business I fail to see the parallel from what is given to prostitution. All of this is of course based on the idea that prostitution in itself is unrespectable. If you think it is a respectable career, than you will completely fail to see the point of comparison. And all though having your balls drained by what seems to be a magical combination of hand-mouth coordination may seem like there was formal training involved, there are those who come by the skill naturally, and by definition not a profession.

    If the author had gone to college and obtained some specialized training, maybe (he) wouldn’t sound so sophomoric.

  7. know what…at least pros is better than architect coz they get paid first before get laid but architect otherwise….. why i’m in this line…..ooooo grandpa mies help me to get some girls for……

  8. i think when doctors earns some money by cutting the necks of poors than they are the first who comes to the architect and asks for their residential place or some markets.
    same case with the prostitutes.
    so doctors and prostitutes are same in this case..

  9. What happened to the Renaissance Man? CHOP CHOP CHOP: specialization born out of need.

    The response here is entirely ridiculous; I do believe the intent, which is for the most part being overlooked by the respondents, is humor.
    What is of greater humor than the post is Robert’s response. At a loss of words? Really? Robert, please do remember only the sophomoric use the term.

  10. Architects! What do we need em for I would beta give mony to prostit to fack and rape her bottom than .
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  11. The people within those professions can be respected for a variety of reasons.

    I’m an architect. For a while, I was a sole practicioner. While I can do it all (from A to Z) – I’ve recently hired someone who was laid off due to the crashing economy. I just provided employment for someone else who can now feed his wife and three kids. The only employee position that President Obama can take credit for is hiring a great speach writer. That’s it. Unemployment is up to 11%. That puts me at least on par with the President. We have one other thing in common – we are both arrogant. I think I have a right to be arrogant. The prostitute and I are expected to work nights and weekends – just like the Doctors.

  12. “Architects believe that not only do they sit at the right hand of God, but that if God ever gets up, they take the chair”.

  13. This is a difficult questuion, and surely one asked wrong. The question isn’t do we need architects or healers, the question is how can we have both. I will tell you one way what we will avoid having them both. Name calling. Everything else will give us both. It is both the medicine and the design of our surroundings that need a big upgrade. Healthcare is a priority and should always be a priority. But do you not understand that the design of our inviroment influences our health at least as much as a doctor does? I belive in the future of sustainable architecture. The only question is the speed of change. will we live in a better reality or will others after us? That implies that we should take care of our bodies before we start taking care of our surroundings. Hence Doctors > Architects? This is wrong. Nutrition > Architects.

  14. i am totally disagree with this article because every profession has its own importance , and for ur information i tell u , i have 5 childhood friends and they r doctors & honestly speaking they have chosen this profession because they wants lots of money & fame,
    and all of them has habit to say that i will have lots of money compare 2 u in near future.
    i also elect architecture as my profession because i wants to became a famous person.

  15. I would say the Architects and Prostitute comparison isn’t right..more like Architects and Pimps. The Prostitute does all the work, the Pimp just comes in to slap the person around, take a big cut and leave the prostitute with just enough money to survive.

  16. I have had that wishful thinking for a moment about doctors but unfortauntely after watching a new film called sicko directed by Michael Moore, I have totally changed my mind.

    Think of this, doctors actually have an extra pawn in earning money.
    When you’re so sick in your bed, you are willing to pay ANYTHING for the cure, that only means doctors earn more than they should with inflated prices of medicine and easier to earn that money as well since a desperate person will be more willing to pay that over priced products.

    I was told that only 2 professions in the world call those who pay for their services as “clients” – they are lawyers and prostitutes.

    Why? Simply because only the crooked minded will find joy with prostitutes or in the need of legal services (even though those who are innocent also needs a lawyer to defend themselves).

  17. If the doctor messes up in his job, it’s a statistic, and maybe a lawsuit. If the structural engineer messes up, it’s a headline. Whose body count would be higher?

  18. ows..I totally disagree about your statement. If you knew that these doctors are the big liers. They knew what is true when it comes to heal an illed patients. There is only one thing I want to tell you that they conceal the true medicine to cure worst illnesses such as aids etc. I know you know the reason why. So how can we respect them if they are also lying and concealing the truth just to sell medicine and received incentives from the pharmaceutical? Atleast an Architect is designing and doing the job as per the clients need and approval. An architect can propose what is best and space functional not just for aesthetic value.

  19. architects can be judged by architects only , not even draftsman , simply don’t compare us with doctors, For doctors human life is just an material , for architects all materials is life . we cant able to use sustainable material due to people who not even care of world ..
    so please don’t comment until; u know the full theory of architect profession …show me how many doctors doing service free even though they are fresh , but i can show no of youth architects , charging client after their sanctification …

    some day all knew the worth of an architect

  20. A Doctor can only kill a patient at a tym…but one bad stroke of an Architect can kill more than 300 at a go…now which is heavier?

  21. People are seriously uneducated about architecture. The truth is that an architect is required to know all aspectes of construction. Electricity, Plumbing, HVAC, Structures, Landscape, etc. The architect doesnt design blindly without knowing all the aspects that make up a complete building system and coordinates the design with the other disciplines of construction. Also, the liability for an architect exists for the life of their buildings, a doctor doesnt have to worry about something he did 10 years ago.

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