Architects, Lawyers and Prostitutes

Updated on August 8, 2019 in Debates, Ideas and Discussion

Came across this quote from the blog Housebuilder’s Update , while reading the blog, the title of the post “What is it with architects and contracts?” caught my attention, and I just got to blog about it. So, what is your opinion on the issue?

Can a blog handle a 3000-word article? It seems a tall order. Can a blog handle a 3000-word article about building contracts? That must be stretching the bounds of credibility. But this is what follows: a peep into the whacky world of the JCT Minor Works Contract. Does it really offer protection? Or is it a giant con perpetuated on the general public and the building trade by a bunch of bow-tied dandies?

AP9R3J prostitute on street POSED BY MODEL

Whenever you see the word “Client” in something to do with building, you know there just has to be an architect involved because no one else in the building game ever refers to anyone as “clients.” It is such a strange word, isn’t it? In a shop you are a customer, on a train you are a passenger, in a hospital you are a patient, in a class you are a student, in the economy at large you’d be a consumer. But client? The only people who have clients are lawyers, architects and prostitutes, all of whom have to live with the reputation that they are simply out to screw you. Only the prostitute is honest about it.”

The author is not a CAD expert nor a web genius. Just another guy spending too much time online. The tutorials featured here are meant for basic level understanding.


  1. how true…I have never met an architect that was honest and actually worked for their buck. Normally, they ride the fence of “the owner is stupid or the contractor screwed it up”. Architects NEVER assume responsibility for their own mistakes and misrepresentations. Interior designers are even worse because they recommend all this bad material that is normally expensive and difficult to find. And when the contractor who has years of experience in actually building something, makes the comment that the drawing is not going to work, the architect becomes the diva with the “I designed it so make it work attitude”. But when the materials that the architect demands, starts to fail…who is to blame? The architect points at the owner for excepting the drawing and then at the contractor for following the drawings. The architect is totally blameless, don’t look at me I just drew it…. Aren’t architects great?

  2. That is what happen if you don’t understand the written contract between ‘Owners, Architect, & Contractor’. If you are not good in technical magic you need a lawyer.

  3. architects are very lazy. drawings are never complete, ideas and arguments follow different streams… what we call architecture today is the 10% disaster that will lead to our extinction. (10% is the usual fee in my country.)thank you for pointing out the madness within…

  4. lazy?! ha i take it you know alot of architects then?(!) only if you did you’d know they are the hardest working people around. what they do is just incredibly time consuming

  5. In my experience only poor contractors say things like this. They’re pissed that architects do their job and hold standards. It cuts into the contractors miller time.

  6. Lazy Architects? Do they exist? I think not, you can’t be an architect if you are lazy, yeah it should count then, Even an architecture student can’t be considered as lazy monkey. It’s just that architectural work are different from all other works since it is a science of everything, 100% considerations and 100% decision making, so if I were you, try to estimate the number of working drawing that are needed to finish a single structure, let see!

  7. LAZY ?, I don’t think so, they (Architecs) were spend a lot of time to work, to serve client and so have stisfied. Designing is very currious & unify so many needs or demand through a long process I think.
    Architecture is poetry, and as a poetry it must be contemplated very well to understend.
    It’s right ?

  8. Architects are not lazy… They are just dumb enough to trust the wannabe architects right out of college to write thier specs and screw up the plans. The real problem is that “real architects” are spread thin, at-least in the region I work in. It is just disappointing that they allow these mistakes to take place and then try to justify it. Ambiguity is the biggest crock o sh#t I deal with everyday. Say what you mean! And for the last time Architects… STOP MIXING PERFORMANCE AND DESIGN SPECS…..

  9. Well Jon, lots of architects aren’t good ones, because good architects would probably starve to death until someone with a good bucket accept their madness and let us do our job, or just win a couple of contests and get famous and then do whatever they want, umm well nah there are really good architects, most of them unknown, the ones who don’t really care about money, and there is also the bad architect, this one is only interested in selling and selling, if you live in US you will def. see a lot of those there. They only “design” to make as much money as they can, not because they love it, see architecture is an art and as an artist you can’t sell yourself, the ones that sell themselves aren’t real architects.

  10. Majority of Architect’s today are really ****. Because they depend to much in computer CAD tools and calculators. They can even visualized using their own brain. Even in their hand writing is just like a doctor’s prescription. They can not do something without their gadgets. Realisticly their client knows better than them. They just follow otherwise they don’t get paid. And that is really………

  11. Oh, Flo, how misled you are. Architects aren’t stuck up because they CAD. That would be like saying accountants are evil because they use Excel, or the Nasdaq is sacriligious because it’s all computerised. Yes, most architects should be able to visualise, and if not, sketch out their ideas – it’s the basic fundementals they learn at school. And no, clients shouldn’t know more about architecture than architects (unless the client is an architect). Would you know more about a lawyers profession than a lawyer? Both the lawyer and the architect have to go for universtiy training, both have to go for tests and examinations and both have a set of rules they need to follow (architects have their standards).
    But whether or not you think architects are stuck up, I leave to you. I know quite a few architects who are anything BUT stuck up, though.

    Some can add to the ecuation FATHER or even OFFICE OWNER. Then problems start to be bigger! Lazy…? you are completely crazy!

  13. Most generalizations follow the same model: All (something/someone) are (this/that). I think all architects are human, and therefore are susceptible to the issues that human beings possess in one way or another. Laziness, creativity, perseverance, honesty, dishonesty, aptitude for the visual, reliance on technology, etc.
    I am sorry if you had a bad experience with a person who works in architecture, just remember that they probably had some issues before the put their architect label on.

  14. Architects aren’t stuck up or lazy,no. Most people just don’t undertsand what they are about and out of ignorance they blame the Architects when things go awry. Like in all other profession you have lazy and incompetent Architects so its not fair to generalize that all Architects are so. An Architect is always thinking in the best interest of the Client and project preventing the contractor from taking advantage of the client. Architects ar eone of the most hardworking people around.

  15. I am a 3D Artist.
    It has never been a time when an architect didn’t change mind when seeing the rendering. I feel that architects suffer from “design is infinite” paradox, where they can’t decide how to finish a design. The only time they can make a decision is only when deadline is 2 hours away! Thats when my job starts, in 2 hours, I have to both add new design change and create a masterpiece rendering for the client to see!

    I wish architects had more confidence in their design decision, at least once…

  16. i think architects and architecture rocks….whatever said and done architects are people who arnt the accepted part of the society and are extremely proud about it because of thier madness..


  17. Parr, I absolutely feel your pain as far as last minute changes go. I’ve seen it happen many times before and the poor 3D artist is left with all the pressure on their shoulders. This is an unfortunate part of the design process when you’re working with perfectionists, which often in the architecture industry, you are. This is part of why architects get such a bad wrap amongst associated professions and trades – for example, when an architect goes out on site and sees that a detail hasn’t been done to his or her expectations, he or she is contractually obligated to ensure that the client gets what the client has paid for and approved. Try telling the builder this though – they’re usually just trying to make a profit whereever possible, and even if they think they know a better way of doing things (which is occasionally the case), this doesn’t mean they can simply do it without the clients permission.
    All architects I know are such perfectionists that they would rather run a project at a loss to get things right for their client. My current workplace did this for a multi-million dollar project for over a year, simply because the builder was cutting corners whereever possible in order to increase their profit margin. What’s the point in getting the clients to approve 500+ drawings if the builder is going to ignore them all anyway?

  18. haha.. almost all professionals relay on the new technologies… like engineers they compute and analyzes structures using their calculators and computer analysis softwares… so…. doctors cannot diagnose a patient without the medical new technologies…contractors only focuses to finish the projects and be payed.. architects working hard to build and accomplish his/her masterpiece and dreams to be built.. to be appreciated..

  19. What’s with everyone’s masturbation on the idea of over generalization? “Many”, maybe. But “all”? Have you personally met every single architect, or every single interior designer, that’s ever existed?

    Additionally, how can we make full judgement about a career from a biased standpoint? Of course those who have experienced the field of architecture know that architects -arent- lazy, but from a client point of view drawings and designs apparently make themselves and are things that housewives can do if they grabbed a pen and paper.

    How can we make ANY conclusion, without experiencing the full story? And more importantly, WHY do we need to make these conclusions?

    Over generalization. It says something about your narrow mind. And no, agreeing does not make you “opinionated”.

    Spare me commenters.

  20. well…
    Everybody have to do their job
    Everybody needs a job
    So cooperate with everybody and make things happen…

    Architech dont be upset if people say you are crazy or dumb.. bcoz maybe u are… Its all started with a single point..

    Crazy ha….

  21. In any profession, anybody with a rotten heart would ‘screw’ any client just to make a profit. The issue I think is not much about the profession, but what’s in the heart. It’s just that sad, we live in a fallen world.

  22. architects?they’re like batman,as joker told him,”because for them,you’re just a freak,like me” an architect,i guess,im crazy..

  23. i’m a 3D artist myself. and i’ve work with many architects. but, the one you guys have been talking about is not entirely architects faults. for example. once i had to render a house for only 3 hours, know why? coz the owner changed something at the last minutes and then they want to see the big picture in minutes count. they don’t care coz they have money. and what about the architect? they NEED money! just like me too. that’s why they had to do it, and i had to do it. so? and what about the reletionship between architect and contractor? usually the owner “WANT” something and the architects had to figure it out by themselves. and sometimes it took a lot of time to work it out. and when it comes to final decision? the client smiles and give a “good to go” sign on paper. know what happend next? if the building is build by the architect demand, sometimes it need more time. and time = money. so… you know what i mean? the contractor will say a lot of stuffs so that they could cut time consuming, including “renovate” the design.

    face it guys. everybody needs money, so everybody must work. i’ve seen worst architect ever and i’ve seen the best architect too. but not only that. i’ve seen other worst people in mylife, so don’t argue on something not important. most people arguing something to make them feel better. but don’t you ever think differently? that the other will also argue to make them feel better? so don’t blame only on architect. you are not making sense at all. maybe you just met a not good at all architect, but not all architects are like that. they work their ass to make a living. and they work very-very-very hard, man.

    to jamesgeorgeinedu2, who said architects are lazy? one of a hundred maybe, but not all of them. sometimes they have to work from dusk till dawn. you don’t see the process, you only see the result, yet you are saying something that is complitely not making an sense at all righ now. lazy? the most fundamental question right now is, “have you ever been an architect yourself”? have you? what do you know about architect? i’m saying this, even though i’m just a 3D artist, is because you all not making any sense. you see one stupid architect, but you say all architects are stupid. you know how many architects in the whole world? have you met ALL OF THEM before you said that they are stupid, lazy, bla-bla-bla? have you? see… that’s why i said you are not making any sense here.

  24. Any person who thinks architects are lazy should go to a university studio at any time of the day or night, and you will find every studio space with someone working. They want their design to be the best, and most of the time, they have been there since early in the morning, like 7am. I am a student, and my studio this past semester had no windows. Often, we’d go out to get dinner and be surprised that it was dark out. (Dinner time might be at 9pm.)Lots of the students work part time, either in firms or in food service or in retail, just to pay their tuition bills. Don’t ever say that we are lazy. We do what ever it takes to get the job done.

  25. Architects work according to the client brief. Now whether the client changes his mind in the process thats different. But we as Architects we know that our work will always reflect the client intention.

  26. Man I HATE You stupida insipid ARCHITECTS. I have workin Engineering for 20 years now and it is SO apparent that you guys / gals cannot use AUtocad to save your LIFE!

    Learn What NORTH is. Learn that Not all lines are 90 degrees. (Like Streets) they look 90 but they are NOT. Offsets from these lines affect the project. When an Engineer gives you a Base Drawing.. DOn’t Scale it. Don’t ROtate it. ANd PLEASE PLEASE Learn how to use more than 1 layer. Not all lines go on the SITE layer.

    I wish Architectural schools would teach some of these basic principles and learn how to get along with Other Disciplines.

    Out !

  27. I think a lot of the misconception about architects and what they do is due to a severe lack of knowledge on clients’ and sometimes even contractors’ lack of knowledge about what architects do. We architects assume that some of what we do should be obvious, at least by common sense. In fact general public and clients rarely have a sense of what exactly an architect does, how s/he should do it, what factors effect the balance between time, money and quality, the sacred trinity of architectural work/performance/outcome.
    I think we are to blame to the extend where we don’t let societies know about ‘our world’ and our view of what we do and how we do it.

    (Why isn’t there a TV show on the workings of an architecture office? I bet ratings would go through the roof with all the drama, comedy, disappointment, race against time, competition,frustrations…you name it!)

  28. Having just had my architect walk out half way through the project as, with dropping build costs, she no longer wants to work on the percentage basis she agreed to and was contracted on last years – I’ve got little useful to say about architects, except the RIBA (their association) is no better. They wrote the standard form contract that allows her to walk away/renegotiate at the end of any stage leaving me with costs to redo half the work as I get paper not Autocad files for my thousands of pounds. Crooks – you enter a contract and if it’s on a percentage then it goes up and down – except if you’re an architect, protected by a Group of architects..

  29. Architects are far from lazy, but I gotta agree with comment 31–please, for the love of God, do not scale those base maps, do not create an infinite regression of next blocks, and DO use more layers than just those named 0 through 7; you know, can actually use descriptions in the layers. Also, snaps and offsets are useful tools you might what to consider using.

  30. what are you trying to say ? let me explain one point of view..

    Architects are not builders or constructors or designers nor any of this at all (and certainly not interior designers- interior decorating). It is much more interesting than that ( thanks not to put us in an additive but in a multiplicative system) try to see them as cookers, chief orchestra, movie maker, artist, they need to know how to do even if they don’t do.

    The world inspired them, us. You can’t blame all the architects for some isolated thing they are all not doing well because our jobs is to know HOW THINGS WORK TOGETHER. (i mean bad use of autocad, or this kind of detail – as an architect we should all know how that work, and how to do the best with it, but still u should consider that old architects are not used with those tools- what are you askind them? )
    We sure need to hierarchise the tasks, organize, pick a point of view (mesured) and offer something more than just a building.

    Every project has many solutions, and every project needs its analysis/context to be understood. This is a work nobody else can do. So, please, when you talk about how to do layers in autocad, archicad, 3Ds, rhino, flash, illustrator, photoshop or anything, be sure that the one who doens’t understand the point is you. (When u read a book, if you don’t like 1 sentence in the whole book would you say the writer is bad ?)

    Architecture is not made of architecture but can be made with all the rest.

    Anyway, you need also to understand that being architects from now on was : find a problem and solve it. As in philosophy, each time it brings a new problem. Now if you want to criticise architects, maybe it’s better to see How they are doing it. Sometimes would be better to try to do something “interesting” but that means start form 0, and create a library of contents and analysis in order to create the project. But at least if we don’t pretend to solve a problem we may be able to do something surprising, different, to keep your eyes open ; )
    this is how there can have actors (public) and spectators (architects). You don’t see the framework but the effect of it. – what are u talkin’ about ? desires?

    How do you do a democratic architecture -have you think about it? >> – architecture is made with money and is still for kings and princes –
    but diamonds are always found in the middle of rough stones (crap stones) and as cities just need a bit of architecture, bad architects are not a so big deal but another constraint – data to use or not in our design.

    Architects are not god, and misunderstood always exist between what ppl want to say and what they want to hear or not…

    shit, have to work – that was my break ..

    cheers, and good continuation. Go back to my final project (Cradle to Cradle issues)
    If we just stop complaining then we can start doing something.
    Before saying Architects are lazy : give a definition of lazyness : I am lazy when I don’t want to work by hand, so I use the computer, by that I can produce 5 time more documents in the same amount of time… think about it

    need to go*

  31. It is interesting to note the comments made here – they all sound like people who have legitimate grumbles and complaints from a particular perspective (ie client, engineer, visualiser, designer, colleague, etc) which suggests that the real problem is a lack of communication. If a client wants to engage a professional and pay them on a percentage basis but does not like it when the budget is slashed and the architect walks away ( and why wouldn’t she -if her time is not covered by the fee) then he should have read and understood the contract BEFORE engaging her – after all it is the client’s decision to halve the budget, so he should understand the implications of changing the nature of the project. Try asking another professional (a dentist say, or a lawyer) to do work for which their time will not be covered and you will find a similar reaction. Clients need to understand that their professional advisors are not servants – on call at any time to change and revise concepts at a whim, without appropriate recompense.

    The visualiser need to communicate with his architectural colleague that he requires sufficient time and information in order to do his job competently. helping out once or twice by achieving a miracle result in a short time frame should not create a precedent which will become the norm (although human nature dictates that this will be the case).

    I am not an architect, but I have been in the industry for many years and I know that architects are not lazy – they spend a lot of time at work. However I do think that for a great many architects their natural territory has been nibbled away over the years by adjacent experts, such as project managers, surveyors, structural engineers, interior designers, graphic designers, exhibition designers, etc etc. Which I agree, leaves the architect metaphorically as the conductor of an orchestra. Not all architects want to work like this – but while some are good all-rounders, most are not equipped to carry out all of these roles (but it doesn’t stop them believing they can – leading to some of the problems highlighted above).
    Architect bashing is fun, because they wear their hearts of their sleeves they make easy targets – but let’s face it the architect carries the can for a bad building, not the QS or structural engineer – they need the team’s support to achieve their objectives, balancing the needs of the client and the regulatory and budgetary constraints.

  32. Architects? lazy? lol u have nooooooo idea what youre talking about. Im just a student of archi, and my blood is already 99% diluted with coffe im sure! God knows how much i’d sleep once i graduate and would have to deal with ppl who have it out for us

  33. i am a student of architecture and i love it.i have to say that you people talk like this because you are gealous about us,because you dont understand that the school of architecture is very very hard you’ll have to study 7 hard years to be a senior architect 7 please think before you talk ok?

    P.S i am courious about your profession,how hard have you worked to graduate except medicine

  34. The problem with this blog is everyone on here is either an architect feeling defensive(they do that 40hrs a week its gonna be their initial reaction) or a contractor (already have a bad name for being lazy not on time etc.) Im coming from the middle i work with both(im not a rep either) and have seen many problems in both. The real reason people have issues with architects are because there are flaws in their drawings and always will be. A roofer needs to know about roofing and a cement guy needs to know about cement. The architect needs to know about both and everything in between. Theres no way anyone can know everything thats why generals hire subs. The real concern begins when the architect is unable to understand they are not perfect and want to tell proffessionals what is right or wrong about something they just pulled a generic/canned spec on. Many architecs go out of there way to write limits in there specs on profit margins etc for generals. If asked to see there profit margin do u think they would show u absolutely not. They over pay themselves and force generals to lose money , jobs, employees jobs while trying to make the “clients bill lower”. They put out jobs 5 days before bid and only except rfi’s or preapprovals 10 days before bid. Ya thats not shady. Lets just all be real …Engineers are the ones that do the real work. Architects draw finish plans and choose wich manufacturer rep took them to the nicest lunch. Many of the larger firms do no research. They hire a straight out of college inexpensive kid to stack paper in binders so when they need a spec they can copy and paste. I work in a very niche market all i can say is remember architects are cross between engineers and car sales. Dont believe me ask any engineer they’ll tell u the same “architects are the cut n paste of engineering”. Remeber though general ideas are for general people judge each architect individually. There are some great ones out there they are just rare. And u fresh out of college kids. I went to college too(wasnt too good in english if cant already tell) we all worked hard. A degree doesnt mean u know what your doing it just means you can say u do.

  35. Yah, but can engineers “design”. Where’s the “art” in being an engineer?.BLA BLA BLA………… I’ve heard them all.
    I’ve worked for many years as draughtsperson in both structural engineering and architectural firms, and i’m just so tired of this age-old boring debate about who’s best. FACE IT the one IS NOT better than the other. You should ideally each one stick to what he does best, and compliment each other. Here’s a new one: What about the poor draugthsman living on coffee and adrenalin,(the pay is normally not worth mentioning) for information while you smart “Professionals” are forever out somewhere living in a little heaven of your own? Just wondering what happened to all those “tracers” on whose sweat and tears the industry was built?

  36. In my opinion being a surveyor who has to work with everybody my ranking is engineers, architects, and landscape architects bringing up the rear. LA’s are last because they have imagination, know a little math and have no design capabilities. As I always say LA’s were once engineering/architectural students that became lazy but still had a creative imagination. You might ask were do I rank surveyors, and I would tell you we don’t rank according to the rest of the professional world. We are piss ants in the construction world that people want to hire cheap, call when they needed something two days ago, and point the finger at as a scapegoat when things go wrong. Well I will tell you that honestly any bottom to middle rung employee who has had to work a year with a surveyor doing construction staking, mapping, or cadastral work and doesn’t make it through the next year it’s because they want to go back inside and pretend to make things in cad work. I always post the question to those people “you really think surveying is easy?” Well… spend a summer or winter doing it and it will change your mind and begin an appreication of what it is that we do.

  37. Architects aren’t lazy, but they sure can’t type, can they? As is obvious from this group of young practitioners. Just as a set of drawings needs long hours of careful revision, your emails and words need proofreading. Architects aren’t lazy, but they need to begin slowing down, making fewer mistakes and taking better care of output.

  38. I am an architect, a builder and a project manager. Yes! I have done it all. At the moment, I am making a living being a client’s representative, overseeing the work of project managers. The argument of who is the best, who is more important and who is to blame for mistakes in a building project is interesting and never ending old topic. The nuts on the wheels of a car may not be the most important component. But without them, the wheels will come off and the car will not move even though the engine is running extremely well. We all play a part in making a building and shaping our environment. The reason why architect is normally seen as the lead consultant is because the architect’s conceived idea is the second thing that comes into being after the owner’s wish to create a building. The long chain of events that happen afterwards, resulting in a finished building at the end, all link to the architect’s idea and rely on it as a base for interacting and collaborating with each other to form the building. Is this architect’s idea more important than any other disciplines, design, systems in a building project? May be and may be not. The probability is that if the initial concept is superb, the other disciplines and the end result have a higher chance of being superb. Otherwise, the converse is true. Because of this influence on the outcome that the architect’s idea can make, it puts the architect under the spotlight. However, it does not mean that other players in the process are not as important.

    Not sure if it is a suitable analogy. Perhaps the architect’s idea is like the operating system in computing; and all design of various disciplines are like different software operating on this operating system platform.

    We all need to learn about our peers’ work in order to collaborate successfully. There is no expert if we take oneself out of context of a team.

  39. guys architects are lazy……….. no doubt! they are lazy wen they are “supposed” to be workin….but there is not a moment wen they arnt workin….! designs run through his before the project commences, while works are goin on… and even after finishing the project….! its just a crazy job!
    dats all…!
    i know coz i am one!

  40. a friend of mine said ‘i don’t need to have sex because architecture screws me all the time’ …..Keep the faith

  41. Like in any other profession there are always going to be the good and the bad, so it is important to do research before hiring an architect and not just pick the closest one to your house. If you think you know better than the architect with all of your experience – go for it and see what happens.

    I think that many people have a very vague understanding for what architect does and tend to greatly oversimplify the process. I think also that people underestimate the patience the architect has to have to deal with ‘clients’ and somehow I get a feeling that some people here are not exactly the model ‘client’.

    Also, I find it very interesting how arrogant most civil engineers are. It is important to remember that traditionally architects have a much broader scope and hire civils as consultans – so Goober Squidlis of the world should thank architects who hired them and go and take a few classes themselves.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that professional architecture degree (B.Arch) is a five year program as opposed to four-year for most other disciplines and student of any other profession who studied in college offering arch program knows exactly how lazy arch students are. Additionally, to get a license one has pass a series of examinations and to complete the IDP program which generally takes at least 3 years.

    So I think that before someone begins bitching about how expensive architect is they should think how much of the money architect keeps after paying all the consultants, overhead, what kind of service he/she provides and if you would do it yourself for less after going through min 8 yrs of study, practice and experience.

    Bottom line is architectural profession exists for a reason and if you do your research and hire a good architect (that you get along with) what you pay wouldn’t even begin to cover what you get in return.

  42. I love to sketch, draw and build models of buildings but I wish I could afford autocad, archicad or some other comparable program. I have used autocad 2002 at a class once, using windows. Now I have an Imac. Is there a program for Mac that I can learn on without getting a loan? Thank you.

  43. Im a grade 10 scholar,and i dnt thnk architects are lazy,stupid,and all that bull,i can asure you all that the work we do in class for 3hours is almost 9 drawings and imagine how strained the eyes of the architect drawing or using the CAD software so i totally disagree

  44. Becoming a registered Architect requires a long period of academic study and professional practice. When ‘clients’ appoint an Architect, there is alway going to be difficulties when a client tries to understand the Architects working methods, environment and the amount of time he/she will be required to spend on design and drawing work.
    In my experience, most clients who complain about fees and working hours are the ones who did not listen to the Architect’s advice during the initial stages and have very little or no experience of working with an Architect. But most ‘clients’ are very nice people.

  45. architect is the most difficult profession in the world.those who wants to be an architect must be really hardworking.they willing to face splendid of works guys!so there is no ‘LAZY’ word in architecture!

  46. Architects are indeed mormal people doing their job. unfortunately sometimes we hate them for it. As an engineer I truly become frustrated with the lack of realism of some architects. the technical background which they sometimes lack can cause frustration when people have their time and money invested in something that cant work and ends up running way over budget. I completely understand the diva attitude you speak about, i have seen them have the biggest hissy fits possible. But let he who casts the first stone bla bla bla….. I have just as much experience with engineers trowing their toys out of the pram. My only real respect in the construction industry lies with the graduates and the tradesmen. the graduates work unbelievably hard and long hours for low pay and the tradesmen are the ones who spot the mistakes before they happen. so hats off to the real people involved.. the common man :)

  47. What I do to Contractors is to preach!
    I want you all to remember that we Architects were created by God & act on God’s command (he gave us our crazy brain to screw d client) With God all things are possible, Jesus also fed plenty people with small food. is everything possible within the CLIENT’S budget?
    praise the Lord!

  48. I read this article at 4:40 am on a Monday morning and sure will have to go to work today after working for the whole night for a personal project which I am not surposed to go to the office with. Even a doctor that saves life cannot handle the tidiousness involved in architecture. Mind you, the doctor can only destroy a life at a time but a failure from the architect’s side can cause a hundred to die at a time. Detailing is the watch word. Architect’s are simply detailed, if you want to confirm it, try and architect’s hand or ideas in what he’s doing for the first time and see how he excels. These guys are something else, not lazy, stupid, never prostitutes. If you look at your home very carefully, you will see a hidden signature on it, somewhere, unless you are living in a home that is not planned.

  49. Hi every bodies,
    I had chance to read to read this blog, and regained/remembered my previous days with every one-school and sites. Here every one is right from their point of view,
    Life is learning and learning through mistakes (smaller or bigger no matter)
    I am a Design Builds architects, and in this Industry more than 25 years including my training and schooling in Russia.
    You are born to live, to live you need to work, to work you need job, to get job you need whole common purpose or target….
    So we call it economy….can’t write in details here.
    One can’t be perfect.
    ARCHITECTUAL RUINED ELEMENTS, STRUCTURE, like 2000 year old single stone cut shore temple in Mahapalipuram, near Chennai, India, speaks their period of TIME-CULTURE-PERSON WHO INIATED of course some King-DESIGNER-SCULPTURE-OTHER CONTRIPUTERS.
    so …in this world remains after our life….yes every individual…is your work…but only architectural beauty or works remains in this world as identity of Human.
    Of course we spend lot of time, conscious, references and to create one structure to remain for longer.
    Only architects know how to spend one’s Million dollar to get name in the history for future, currently job creation through functioning of whole construction industry, stock markets, supermarkets…all all all…schools,……function..from architects drawing board.
    all over the world 70% our income spent or generated in the Construction Industry, that is from THE TIP OF A ARCHITECT’S PENCIL AND HIS BRAIN.

    sorry for this long or short writing here.
    NO FORMER NO FOOD, NO COW NO MILK, no sweeper No Roads to walk.
    (even without doctor’s surgery any one can die)
    operation success patient……….
    We Trained/taining to create your/our all comforts.

  50. architects cannot be put in same category..
    some of the situations which are just a kind of misnomer for overall scenario… but the kind of role involved. kind of resposnsibility . and approach.. like for architects is always wholostic.. but for prostititutes its more or less honest commercialism involved..

  51. I am an architect practising in Nigeria, Port Harcourt city. i do most of my design in ArchiCAD 10 and render artlantis 4.5 with 9 library object and ArchiCAD 9. Please ArchiCAD 11, 12 and 13 are not compartable with artlantis 4.5. What do i use to render my finished design perfectly.

  52. Abah, not sure what your actually using but….

    ArchiCAD14 is the newest version of ArchiCAD, if your still using 10 then your about 5 years out of date.

    Also Artlantis is currently only up to version 3, and you need to create the model in something like ArchiCAD to then export it to Artlantis for final rendering.

    Just to chip in my 2pennies worth, Architects have to work hard, we are expected by our clients to be able to suggest all sorts of new materials, construction techniques, designs.

    We are expected by planners to give them fully presented designs, concepts, material boards, precendent studies, traffic studies, landscaping designs, reports and justifications.

    Building control, want full technical specifications, fabrication techniques, actual products picked out.

    the builder wants step by step instructions, every little problem that he encounters needs to be solved by the architect.

    We have to write contracts, and manage them, run our own offices (rarely does a practice have an office manager) bid on new work and submit ourselves to constant abuse from the tabloid reading masses who dont understand the work we do and the little thanks we get.

    personally i often do 9 or 10 hour days, sometimes longer, occasionally end up working over the weekend to get projects completed. because many of my clients work long hours themselves i often end up having site meetings either early in the morning or late evening to discuss problems or designs.

    why do i do it? thats easy because i enjoy my job and i get a huge amount of satisfaction out of seeing the end result and my clients happy thanks.

  53. its seem quite true about your post..i m an architect as well..a prostitute can be the most honest person that always provide satisfaction to their client, we as an architect as well,only sometime we do that..just most of the time we do think only the fee and how they pay us…hehee..thanks for ur great blog…

  54. I am currently building a school. The plans is the worse set of plans existed on my entire 25 years on architecture/construction. However, the architect has made errors and omissions worth 100k. He claims that he will not accept work that is still undet the tolerance to pay for his mistakes as the owner does not want to sign this change order. Also, cutting expansive materials on the project to receive credit and pay for their mistakes. These are public funds! Is this ok with the AIA. Is this legal?

  55. just wanted to add my 2 cts……if architects got paid what they deserved on the project…they would spend the amount of time required on to make everyone happy, including the attorneys involved in lawsuits resulting from an agressive administration of the project…..after 30 yrs of practices in a big US city….Ive come to the conclusion that its a labor of love with some financial incentives thrown in…..had I known all this when I started Id become a banker, easier hours and better pay……keep the faith.

  56. amen to comments 21 and 36 and have to agree with commenter 31, in a way. I think we are to blame to the extend where we don’t let societies know about ‘our world’ and our view of what we do and how we do it. Mainly for the reason that architects are doer’s than talkers. Architects are often put to the spotlight because they have the responsibility to work things out for everybody (clients and contractors) and for ourselves so as not not to ruin our validity as a professional, and we are standing as a mediator for them. I say, that not all architects are passionate about what they do, because it’s really hard to become one because its physically, socially and mentally exhausting (in a world where money is the king and art is the slave — and that we have to learn how to embrace them which leaves us–and i mean every kind of job–no choice). On the other hand most of the architect’s I know are the most hardworking people. You may bash them with technical issues, that’s ok they are not gods. But as an aspiring architect, I believe that the passion of architects to make a better living for people is where the heart of the profession truly was. I’m one of those common people that comment 54 mentioned with low pay struggles, But I am proud to be working with all of these people. And when it’s time to get my license and become an official architect, I’m going to tell the world how fulfilling it was to become one.

    I know, that those things are just pretty words, but I don’t want to be that someone who pretends to understand and at the end walks away. So I’m keeping the faith with everybody. We all needed each other.

    I like your site by the way, it’s a bright little page. Especially your photo header, with one small house and all those people moving it. We do that in our country, and it’s called “bayanihan”. Ah, reminds me of home.

  57. Five years of schooling… Another four years of IDP just to qualify for professional exams… Seven professional exam… Countless all-nighters drinking bad coffee while doing redlines and specs… And even when you do make it to bed, you stair up at the ceiling pondering what you can do to make the subtly imperfect perfect… And all just to make less money than the prostitutes you refer to.

  58. I’m afraid that those who consider the architect and engineer’s work as useless typically produce poor to mediocre work while blaming others. If contractors could design, they would. If clients could design, they would.
    And yes, they are clients, and we architects work in their best interests as both designers and consultants. Those who play semantic games are silly and kind of useless themselves.

  59. those who have no respect to architects, hmm what can i say. Try to understand that word itself and you will find out the meaning.Its a profession and not only a title. maybe you are living in ugly and uncomfortable house right if architect dont exist. try to be an architect, just try and you will also find out the answer..

  60. For all those who think Architects are Laaazzzyy.
    May be you guys need to come out of yer “frog in a well ” attitude and meet the real ones.
    we put life in a building’
    “stop existing and start living”.

  61. Lets go back to the main discussion.Architecture and prostitution…yes I think they are comparable as every subject can be somehow realated to the other.In this case we can see the similarities.Architects and prostitudes,both offer a part of their boddy and sole but when they expect to get some money they will lose their reputation.

  62. amcx #21
    No generalization here.
    Our architect was “LAZY”! “I need more measurements of the upstairs windows but I don’t want to have to go upstairs again.”
    So, he didn’t! LAZY!!!!!
    Yes, drawings don’t make themselves but don’t bill for chicken scratch and call them drawings.
    Yes, this housewife grabbed graph paper, pencil, ruler, and tape measure to specifically draw what our lifestyle and design needs were since you were too “busy” basking in your glory days of working with your Rich, “Ass”penian clients and talking over me to make sure you heard yourself. All the while charging me for “your time”!
    “Your Time” does not mean you can charge the client for interupting business conversation with whatever the hell you want to talk about!
    Our architect was also (your description here). Our contractor was pulling permits but yet our architect sent as a bill for pulling permits which he had not done.
    For these reasons, I believe that our architect was lazy, dishonest, and overall just an ass.
    FYI – For those in the biz, plz take this to heart. Treating your clients with respect, listening, keeping them in the loop, and making sure they are also a part of the process will not only insure prompt payment but will most likely leed to future jobs.

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