Shanghai and Dubai Now and Then

Updated on January 30, 2020 in Debates, Ideas and Discussion 2019

Shanghai and Dubai Now and Then

Dubai Now and Then

My friend forwarded me a Microsoft Office PowerPoint slides on Dubai, within a span of 10 years UAE’s Dubai managed to transform itself from a desert to a big city, a semi-empty big city filled with foreigners to be exact.

Shanghai on the other hand is still growing at a rapid pace, perhaps too fast for the poor to catch up. If the recently released ‘Looper’ movie indicates anything, the future is China. Unless there is a change in the Chinese mindset, it will be a long and winding road for the Chinese and the world.

“I’m from the future: You should go to China,” an old man advised a young upstart who wanted to relocate to France in the time-traveling thriller Looper. Looper is based on the premise that in 2044 and beyond, the U.S. is a dystopia of poverty and violence where the Renminbi is the black market currency of choice, and cold-blooded killers retire in a gleaming Shanghai.”

Dubai’s night skyline, beautiful. Further reading – Dubai Indoor Ski Resort, Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Dubai Residence Rotating Tower.

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