Farnsworth House – Blending with Nature

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Ludwig Mies Van de Rohe farnsworth house
Image Source : Pruned

Its a boat, its a plane, its Farnsworth House! Yes, the area is prone to flood and I couldn’t agree more with Pruned that the Farnsworth House does blend harmoniously with nature in the current scenario. According to Wikipedia:

The 60 acre natural site offered Mies an opportunity to bring man’s relationship to nature into the picture. Here he highlights the individual’s connection to nature as a respite from the stress of modern life. Glass walls and open interior space are the features that create an intense connection with the outdoor environment, while the exposed structure provides a framework that reduces opaque exterior walls to a minimum. The careful site design and integration of the exterior environment represents a subtle yet concerted effort to achieve an architecture wedded to its natural context.

Could this be the reason why Ludwig Mies Van de Rohe elevated the house in the first place? or was it just a coincidence? Anyway, from what I read online, there are plans going around suggesting that the house should be elevated up using hydraulics.

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