Frank Gehry and Bruce Ratner Proposal

Updated on August 8, 2019 in Masterpiece

Found this image in The Curbed. According to the Curbed, its a proposal by Frank that causes the client to pull out, due to unknown reasons. Here are some interesting comments droped by the readers in the Curbed:

The Pros

  • NYC needs some new awesome buildings!!!
  • Would feel like home.
  • The Cons

  • I would prefer the curves of the building to resemble a naked chick.
  • Frank Gehry knows how to b.s. people into thinking he is brilliant.
  • This looks like a pallus. A nice, big, hard phallus. Yummy.
  • Goddamn this is an ugly building.
  • Now we can relive 9/11 over and over again with every glimpse.
  • looks like a coke bottle
  • Is that the body language of Manhattan?
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    Personally I think its something different, different as in at least its not another box, but then again I don’t mind building a box over that. So, does it appear rectangular when drunk?

    Frank Gehry and Bruce Ratner Proposal

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