Harvard University – School of Architecture Studioworks

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Sometimes students’ work can be as good or perhaps even better than graduate architects. Mainly due to the fact that these students’ creativity are not being limited to the financial feasibility. Harvard University – School of Architecture is one of my favorite web reference when it comes to design during college years.

Harvard University - School of Architecture Studioworks

Harvard University - School of Architecture Studioworks

Harvard University - School of Architecture Studioworks

The aim of Studio Works is to capture the essential character of the design studio experience at the Harvard Design School. It provides both an overview and vignettes of a year in the life of design students at Harvard, and an archive of their speculations and deliberations.

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The image above are some of the students’ work. The website is called Studioworks. Virginia University school of architecture used to have their students work display online, but it seems that they’ve killed the link. The URL no longer exist.

The author is not a CAD expert nor a web genius. Just another guy spending too much time online. The tutorials featured here are meant for basic level understanding.


  1. yes that right students work are realy barrier free and also resposibility free for which during school we can think free and wild thinking .

  2. Are you the group that’s going to come up with what I’ll
    call “The Haiti House”? It’s a quick-to-assemble, yet
    sturdy small house that will replace the “lean-to’s” that
    we’ve all seen in shambles in scenes of the devastation in
    Haiti. I’m no architect, just a creative director with 30 years
    of U.S.and Europe experience w/ major corp. clients.
    But I have an affinity for good architecture ever since my
    days at Colby College where I gave up courses in my major
    to learn about your field from a once Dean of the Harvard
    School of Architecture, Joseph Hudnut, who, I believe
    preceded Mr. Gropius.
    I think the world could use your fresh thinking on this
    project and I believe it would appeal to a great many
    supporters worldwide.
    I’m submitting this letter to your group only, feeling
    you’re the people who can get this project off the ground.

  3. i have a ba in studio art i souch want to braden my scopein architecture woud this be the right choice…i have brad scope of ideas and intersts and artistic talents, I have taken to Europe and NY…I want to structure it now in aprogram that can offer me the tools to develop my skills and open up a carreer full of possibilities.

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