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HENRY indulgently asked his three-year-old daughter, Angeline, whether she would make milk for him when he was old.

“I don’t know where I will be living, daddy,” was her spontaneous reply.

The little girl’s response, which certainly wasn’t what the father had expected, speaks volumes of the situation in contemporary society where individualism is growing not only within the family but also in the community.

Article above quoted from Malaysia’s Leading Newspaper the Star – Homes built for bonding. Its an article about David Chan Architect and what makes David Chan stand out is his ability to design bungalows only for a living, unlike many other architect firms, David Chan has a waiting list for anyone who wants a bungalow design by him. David obtained his Bachelor in Architecture from Curtin University, Australia in 1988.

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Of all universities in the world, and its Curtin – this has a not so good reputation and ranking. Well, this goes to show that it doesn’t matter which university you graduated from, as long as there is passion and a willing mind, anything is possible. I visited his website few months ago and couldn’t remember the address now. Some of his works are really good.

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