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Updated on August 8, 2019 in Architecture Matters

Hindenburg,  Flying Hotel,  Blimp,  Zepellins,  Goodyear Blimp

Hindenburg,  Flying Hotel,  Blimp,  Zepellins,  Goodyear Blimp

Aeros and WATG are co-developing the hotel of the future, a flying hotel complete with staterooms, restaurants, shops, etc. The proposed flying hotel may look like a blimp but it is not a blimp according to Edward Pevzne, spokeman of Aeros company. It uses dynamic liftoff similar to an airplane to takeoff vertically and land like a helicopter.

Hindenburg,  Flying Hotel,  Blimp,  Zepellins,  Goodyear Blimp

Talk about blimp, For 80 years, Goodyear blimps have adorned the skies as very visible corporate symbols of the tire and rubber company that began operations in 1898, but what about other blimps that has made an impact in our history? The Hidenburg Blimp?

The Hindenburg, build by the Nazi as a symbol of their reign. It was widely believed that the blimp and not ships would be the future of transportation of goods and people until the tragedy that struck it in Lakehurst.

Hindenburg,  Flying Hotel,  Blimp,  Zepellins,  Goodyear Blimp

During the landing operation, the Airship Hindenburg burst into flame at an altitude of about 200 feet and was burned to destruction by hydrogen fire originating at or near the stern. The ship fell to the ground on the north side of number one mooring out circle approximately 232 yards from the mooring mast. Out of ninety-seven persons aboard about twelve passengers are known to be saved and thirty-seven of the crew are alive, some injured to various degrees…The fire in the wreck was put out as soon as possible by the Naval Air Station and several nearby city fire departments. Rescue work was commenced immediately, ambulances and doctors from several nearby hospitals answering the call for first aid assistance. Sentry posts were established and manned to keep all visitors and unauthorized persons clear of the Hindenburg wreckage.

Aeros and WATG may have a very bold move and idea, but what about safety measures?

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  1. I just have to say, being quite interested in this concept myself, that the new generation of airships will not be filed with hydrogen. Aeros, the company hoping to build this flying machine are proposing to fill it with Helium, an inert gas that can’t burn. A good way to decide for yourself if this is safe or not is to hold a lighter to a helium filled party balloon; sure, the balloon will pop (That’s obvious) but the gas wont burn! I have been reading a similar post on another website about this, and almost every person refers it to the Hindemburg (If I’ve spelt that correctly)when actually, a repeat of that accident will be physically impossible. So, I just thought I’d start yours of by stating this fact, and then you shouldn’t get pages and pages of nonsence written by people who really dont know what they’re talking about.

    As far as the idea goes, I love it! It takes you back to that period when you had no choice but to travel slowly. So what did the travel companies do? Well, they built floating palaces for the comfort of their passengers. Remember the great ocean liners of the early twentieth century? I would much rather travel in complete comfort, able to walk about, eat, drink in a resteraunt of my choice, go to a nightclub or casino, watch a movie or even go for a swim. Whereas others, who just want to get there have to sit crushed up in economy class seats inside an aluminium can! Which would you choose?

    This is the way forward in my opinion. It may actually be better to go slower for once. lets not make the act of travelling to your holiday destination a chore, lets make it a part of the whole experience, something that you’ll look forward to in its own right, just as much as all the sunbathing you want to do. Imagine arriving at London, New York, Paris or tokyo on an airship. you could take in the whole city as you glide over it, instead of a glimpse whizzing by in the distance as you land at an airport ten miles away or more. These airships can land or take off vertically, so, where there’s a large open park, Regents park in London for instance, an Airship can land, right in the middle of a city!

    Just think about it. Sometimes, old ways are the best. What do you think?

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