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Another great movie about dreams, architects, imaginary cities and reality. Some of the cast:

  • Ellen Page as Ariadne, the Architect – a college graduate student who constructs the world of the dream.
  • Michael Caine as Miles, Cobb’s mentor, teacher, and father-in-law, and Ariadne’s college professor.
  • Lukas Haas as Nash, Dom’s previous Architect

The most challenging effect was Limbo City at the end of the film because it continually developed during production. Franklin had artists build concepts while Nolan gave his ideal vision: “Something glacial, with clear modernist architecture, but with chunks of it breaking off into the sea like icebergs”. Franklin and his team ended up with “something that looked like an iceberg version of Gotham City with water running through it”. They created a basic model of a glacier and then designers created a program that added elements like roads, intersections and ravines until they had a complex, yet organic-looking, cityscape. Wikipedia

Come to think of it, we tend to dream when we are sad or disturbed, as opposed to when we are excited, we are sleepless. This is a must watch movie, something different. This is way much better than Avatar.

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inception architect model making architecture movie

inception architect model making architecture movie

inception architect model making architecture movie

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  1. yes indeed, it’s a much waited movie (much much better then Avatar). Also, a watchable movie is “Shutter Island”. I’m waiting since last year for “Inception”. Thanks man! keep this blog on.

    gratings from Romania

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