Justizzentrum Leoben minimum prison

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Justizzentrum Leoben minimum prison architecture VIP jail design

Justizzentrum Leoben minimum prison architecture VIP jail design

Justizzentrum Leoben is a minimum security prison in Austria. I’m not sure who is the architect but this prison seems rather nice for someone who has broken a law, in fact breaking the law appears rewarding. This prison includes a gym, sports center, private rooms for guests and many more. I would presume that it is a prison for the rich or also known as VIP, aka Paris Hilton and gangs.

Justizzentrum Leoben minimum prison architecture VIP jail design
Why do they need those prison bars in the first place? Look at the room, there is a TV, timber shelf and bed, it is way much better than my $114 per week student housing room, and the best part is they don’t even have to pay for it. ( I think so)

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Justizzentrum Leoben minimum prison architecture VIP jail design

Justizzentrum Leoben minimum prison architecture VIP jail design

Any readers from Austria? Next time if I ever go to Austria, the first thing I would do is to grab a beer bottle and… … Wham! More Images

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  1. look so good, way better than mine 200 a week also geeeeeeeez… maybe i shud go austria for a crime and stay there , can exercise and less stresss on real live ~

  2. no prison vor VIPs or such..
    According to de.wikipedia its for all inamtes doing less than 18 months of prison.

    But german/austrian cells generally look like this. The style of furniture depends of course on when the prison was equipped with it, but you usually have a TV, wooden furniture, et al. (If you end up in some 60’s buildt prison the stuff will not look as new as this, any maybe even not as nice)

  3. Wow, i’d be so scared to be sentenced 18 months jailtime. yeah right, i say bring back death penatly for rape, murder etc and make the prisons we know there is a fear to go to for the lesser crimes. Not this, what’s this suppose to be? vacation in austria?? i’m sorry i didn’t get the pamphlet of this hotel on my Austria brochure

  4. Austria says the penalty is the lack of Freedom not being treated like shit. Plus this prison costs 20% less per prisoner than other ones because inmates don’t get sick as often as in “bad” prisons. And the ministry said you see how democratic a coutry is by looking at those at the bottom, if they are treated fair the other ones are treated better.

  5. nice, are the furniture all picked from ikea ?!

    i went to prison but it was`t even closer from that, but if any body ends in that prison will he be considering him self lucky or what ?!

    cause I will… lol

  6. this prison reminds of Halden prison in Norway. luxurious, and the most humane prison in the world. maybe you can take a look.

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