Lebbeus Woods – Experimental Architecture

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Lebbeus Woods - Experimental Architecture

Lebbeus Woods - Experimental Architecture

Lebbeus Woods - Experimental Architecture

Woods is as much philosopher and urban planner as architect in the traditional sense. His buildings rip open the landscape of the ordered grid, and also open new possibilities about what it means to inhabit a space. The functions of some of his ideas for buildings are obscure even to him. He is constantly trying to deconstruct the politics of architecture and it’s place in history. He actively embodies Heidegger’s idea that “dwelling means to receive the sky”, except in his dwellings it also means to receive the ground, and to actively take part in constructing your world.

Lebbeus Woods is the master architect: his theoretical explorations and investigations lay as exhibits that modern architects pull and borrow for their own artistic palate. His investigations are rooted in deep concepts that are difficult to follow at times, but understanding his drawings and his attempts are easily understanding his genius. The political connections he pulls from are all relevant and his drawings are indescribably beautiful, very active with the reader, exciting and full of life and vibrancy.

source : Lebbeus Woods

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