Before and After the Architectural Dissertation Submission…

Updated on January 4, 2022 in Life Log

Celebration, happiness, am glad this whole madness is about to end, it was really hectic but the journey was worthwhile, looking forward to blog again.

A picture says a thousand words, “Food has lost it’s taste. Colours seem dull. Things that used to matter, just no longer do.” Speaking of food, do you know that one can taste racism through food? Basically one needs to eat the same food of the same flavor/aroma/taste over and over again, and when one is about to puke blood and die a horrible dead due to the thoughts having to eat the same food again and again, that is how one taste racism, because these racist people believed in a monotonous society, thus, they ought to lead a monotonous tasteless life.

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If one sincerely believes in the superiority of their race, walk the talk by consuming the same food over and over again.Food for thought for those racist bastards in Malaysia, especially those in the government sector and the New Economic Policy that does no good for the country except for a few elite from the ruling government.

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