Will Alsop Architect Middlehaven Project

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Will Alsop Architect Middlehaven Project

This guy (forgot his name) gave us a presentation on a very interesting project, if I am not mistaken he did mention that he worked (or is it work, not sure if he still does) for Will Alsop. He gave us a super long presentation on this grandiose plans to revive the Middlehaven docks and the redundant waterfront with a total investment of £200m, this grand project believed to be able to generate 1,000 new jobs together with hundreds of shops, stylish bars, cafés and restaurants and a luxury hotel.

Will Alsop Architect Middlehaven Project

Will Alsop Architect Middlehaven Project

The architect for the project is non other than Will Alsop Architect, he is a British architect based in London. He is responsible for several distinctive and controversial modernist buildings, most in the United Kingdom. Alsop’s buildings are usually distinguished by their vibrant use of bright colour and unusual forms. So unique is the architecture that they even propose a gigantic teddy bear for this middlehaven project.

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Will Alsop Architect Middlehaven Project

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  1. Hello, that looks very much like Tarek Merlin. He does work on the project, as do I. The Teddy Bear has been dropped from the design now. There was a teddy bear hotel at one point. There are now 15 or so ‘sugar cubes’ including a jenga one and a tetris one. There are also three ‘prada skirt’ buildings. Thanks

  2. That guy would be Philip Richards. I went to Middlehaven in late 2003 for a ‘community consultation’ about this massive project and we later discussed the process and the frightening preceding developers masterplanning proposals, which looked like Poundbury, in the Landscape Urbanism studios at Kingston University. The Teddy Bear seems to distract everyone completely, just as intended. Its not far different to the puppy at the Bilbao Guggenheim..

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