Download Free AutoCAD Human Figure Library

Download Free AutoCAD Human Figure Library

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Free AutoCAD People Library DWG Block CAD human figure

Free download of 150 Human-figure and animal AutoCAD drawing sets for architectural drawings in DWG format. If you happen to have a huge collection of these people / human figure CAD drawings, do email me. Sharing is caring. More? Visit, they have a huge collection of AutoCAD human figures, and its free. [Download AutoCAD Human Figure Block Library]. More downloads at:


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    RICHARD CARR [ Reply ]

    Thank you for you generosity, I was trying to draw a convincing dog all afternoon, now you gave me one,….thanks

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    Mamoon khokar [ Reply ]

    thank you sooo much..its really helping :)

  3. Gravatar
    andreea [ Reply ]

    Thank you! It is really helpful!

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    michael Bumüller [ Reply ]

    perhaps this aint the best side 2 be asking, but am a vectorworks user, and am searching 4 god aditional content (detailed human figures,etc)…it gotta be free…
    if anyone knows a pages where i could get this, please mail me

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      daryl tyacke [ Reply ]

      Michael- simply download, import the dwg file into vectorworks and break the workgroup reference. Make sure you have ‘keep in document’ selected. It comes in as a group of individual symbols all in the ‘0’ class. Super easy and yes, these are great symbols/ blocks. Thanks whoever made them

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      Scott [ Reply ]

      Vectorworks also has the Human Figure tool, tucked away under the visualisation tool palette I think. It’s very good. It places a 3d figure in your drawing for you and is fully customisable. You can tell it height, gender, clothing, hair, shoes, then position the limbs individually.

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    vishal c. masurkar [ Reply ]

    Thank you for you generosity, I was trying to draw a convincing dog all afternoon, now you gave me one,….thanks perhaps this aint the best side 2 be asking, but am a vectorworks user, and am searching 4 god aditional content (detailed human figures,etc)…it gotta be free…
    if anyone knows a pages where i could get this, please mail me

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    jaimy George [ Reply ]

    Thank you, Thank you very much.
    It is very very helpful.

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    Kathie [ Reply ]

    Thanx for sharing!its useful~

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    lang kap thang [ Reply ]

    thanks so much for autocad drawing.

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    Dave [ Reply ]

    THANKS..loved the cat

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    maja [ Reply ]

    thanks you are great,this is very helpfull for me im student

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    Chrys [ Reply ]

    these are very helpful, especially with my presentation sections and elevations. thanks alot

  12. Gravatar
    joe satriani [ Reply ]

    thanks man…..

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    Luis F. [ Reply ]

    thanks a lot.. really useful.

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    Mike H [ Reply ]

    Thanksa, I’m hoping this is what I have been searching for

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    jayax [ Reply ]

    thank a lot…very helpfull…

  16. Gravatar
    Jack [ Reply ]

    Many thanks.. This helps me alot..

  17. Gravatar
    zakariya [ Reply ]

    many thanks

  18. Gravatar
    wenny [ Reply ]

    thanks a lot…good sharing…very helpfull…

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    emy [ Reply ]

    Thank u so much~!
    thanks 4 sharing..its really helpful~!
    luv u~! =)

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    tony [ Reply ]

    thank u so much…its really really helpful

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    Jabastin [ Reply ]


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    vnhan2009 [ Reply ]

    Thank you very much for share. I really need them.

  24. Gravatar
    Tony [ Reply ]

    Do you have any picnic tables in elevation?

  25. Gravatar
    kan [ Reply ]

    Please send to me “people / human figure CAD drawings”.

  26. Gravatar
    sergio [ Reply ]

    thanks so much for autocad drawing.

  27. Gravatar
    abhi [ Reply ]

    thank u so much do u have wine table n stool in auto cad

  28. Gravatar
    mmmmbacon [ Reply ]

    Thank you soooooo much for the free download. People like you should be reward greatly in life. I am soo glad I found this website because I needed to add a couple in my elvation. I cannot thank you enough.

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    nafis ahmad [ Reply ]

    i want some many kinds of human figure view in autocad….

  30. Gravatar
    Bashiru Mohammed [ Reply ]

    i want to get more knowledge about all the figuers not only the human.

  31. Gravatar
    zinnia [ Reply ]

    where to ge tthe human figures for plan????

  32. Gravatar
    James FRanks [ Reply ]

    sorry for me.. but I could not find any link that indicated it woul steer me such that I could down load any 3D inventor people or dogs??? Wghere is the down load and what is it called?

  33. Gravatar
    Sahara [ Reply ]

    Thx alot for your generosity and yr free dwg!!!it help me alot!!!wish y gd luck!!!

  34. Gravatar
    Janice [ Reply ]

    Thanks for your article on, Download Free AutoCAD Human Figure Library. It’s amazing how autocad drawings are being used in ever expanding industries. I work with the McGraw Hill Sweets Network, offering a vast cad library selection! cad library

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    Michael Wilkinson [ Reply ]

    can you direct me to a suitable area for a soil and water management plan & sediment & erosion controll plan

  36. Gravatar
    Pallavi [ Reply ]

    Thanks a lot for sharing this.

  37. Gravatar
    hadi [ Reply ]

    Thank you from the content site

  38. Gravatar
    Peter [ Reply ]

    here you can download some of mine human figures, very detailed….

  39. Gravatar
    FARHAD [ Reply ]

    Hi I’m Irene Farhad from a plan library with furniture too is necessary I’ll find it for me Please send or e-mail or a website I am waiting for Give me find it please help me bye

  40. Gravatar
    aqsa [ Reply ]

    hiya pls if anyone got human figure and trees in autocad pls email it to me.will be thankful to u.

  41. Gravatar
    Randy [ Reply ]

    Does anyone have 3D man figures?

  42. Gravatar
    Maira [ Reply ]

    Hey! thanks a bunch for sharing the file. Its been great help.
    If any one has sitting human figures in plan, elevation and 3D please share the link here.

  43. Gravatar
    Karen [ Reply ]

    awesome….pretty pretty helpful~~thanks ^_^

  44. Gravatar
    Faheem [ Reply ]

    Thanks buddy its really helpfull.

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    Aixa F [ Reply ]

    Thank you so much…I needed a toddler – these are great!

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    Dana [ Reply ]

    Thanks! very helpful indeed :)

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    Jonathan [ Reply ]

    Thanks!! very neat.. like it :)

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    Alphan [ Reply ]

    Great blocks, like it!

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    Lase.Doe [ Reply ]

    Thanks for this figure. I find this file long ago. Now I find at your site. thanks thanks

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    janny [ Reply ]


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    maryam [ Reply ]

    please send this file for me.i am from iran and i cant download it.i am architect.
    thanks very much.
    human figure and tree and subject .thankssss
    if u want somthing you can saye me.

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    maryam [ Reply ]

    AutoCAD People Libraries 01

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    Sweet [ Reply ]

    Thanks a lot! This is big help! :)

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    Garthman [ Reply ]

    Awesome, well done graphics

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    Percy SO [ Reply ]

    Can’t say how thankful I am

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    Diplaolu [ Reply ]

    Thanks ure the best

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    fogy [ Reply ]

    it’s wonderfull

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