Pimp My Model @ Harvard PSD

Pimp My Model @ Harvard PSD

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Pimp My Model @ Harvard PSD

Made by a group of students from Harvard University. The Pimp My Model video is a must watch for every architecture student and graduates. I like the expression of the leading actress and actor.

WARNING: Excessive watching of the video may make you think that you can pimp your model and pass it off as Frank Gehry’s model. If problem occurs, please consult your vet for mental check up.


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    J-Tron [ Reply ]

    haha, funny stuff.

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    Brenda [ Reply ]

    I don’t get it. I think the video is stupid (excuse me to the authors), but i just dont like the whole concept. And was that a model???? oh, please help!!

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      Jake [ Reply ]

      That’s supposed to be a parody for “pimp my ride”. Use vibrant colors, adding electronic devices to empty space, adding unnecessary gimmicks: it actually hit the spot, just it looks shitty cause it’s not a car.

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    secretmuffin [ Reply ]

    Brenda didn’t go to architecture school.

    I found it hilarious. And I’ve never even seen an episode of the original show.

  4. Gravatar
    d [ Reply ]

    hilarious.. and the girl is hot.. hahahaha..

  5. Gravatar
    indu [ Reply ]

    hahahaha!!! secretmuffin is right!!!
    this video is fcking hilarious!!! I want to pimp my modelsss!!! =))

  6. Gravatar
    Indyarchyguy [ Reply ]

    This damn thing is BEYOND funny! And yes….Brenda did not go to architecture school. I cannot think how many times I wish I had my models pimped out back in the day!

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