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I thought Architects were Kings and Emperors, boy, I was wrong again. According to Antonio Gaudi, some of us are God and Goddess.

Antonio Gaudi Quote

Antonio Gaudi is the genius behind the unfinished masterpiece, Sagrada Família. Sagrada Família building works are expected to be completed around 2026, the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death. With the aid of computer technology and better machinery, what I don’t understand is – why is it being constructed at such a slow pace.

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What amazed me the most is how he solved the structural construction of the building. Antonio Gaudí spend lots of work on studies for the design, and developed a new method of structural calculation based on a stereostatic model built with cords and small sacks of pellets. First he traced the outline of the church on a wooden board (1:10 scale), which was then hung on a ceiling. Cords were hung from the points where columns were to be placed, and everything else is up to God and gravity.

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Back to Antonio Gaudi’s quote, currently we have a God and Goddess – Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid. I bet both of them are the reincarnation of Antonio Gaudi himself.

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Comic Source: ArchiToonz, for more comics, visit the website. Curve lines, God does it better.

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  1. We had a lecture or two from Mark Burry recently, hes one of the key forces behind the development of the Sagrada Familia.

    As to why its taking so long, the process of extrapolating a design out of the few remaining drawings and models is a very carefull process. With such a key figure as Gaudi, and such few remaining records of the design, every assumption (or in some cases invention) needs to be carefully scrutinised. Or at least thats how I understand it

    (or in some cases

  2. I almost find it offensive to compare Gaudi to Zaha Hadid and Frank Gehry. While the latter may be good architects, Gaudi was genius

  3. yup, couldn’t agree more on Gaudi vs Hadid and Gehry. Gaudi is a genius, Hadid and Gehry relies too much on computers and Gaudi did it without computers, I bet Hadid and Gehry won’t be here if it wasn’t for the computer revolution.

  4. Not only because of the computers, but also the materials. I think it´s pretty easy to take all of the options of materials that there are today and create. Titanium around the Guggenheim isn´t the same as a cathedral of stone and mortar with hand carved statues, hand made steel railing, hand placed mosaic, etc. What makes Gaudi´s architecture special apart from the design and complexity is the pride that construction workers used to have in their work.

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