Architects – Yes, The Truth Hurts

Updated on August 8, 2019 in Comics + Illustrations 2019

architects reality

Look at that awful powerpoint graphic, probably created by an engineer out of anger coz he got dumped by his ex-gf for an architect. Haha, I always thought the number 1 reason why a person ‘venture’ into architecture is because he or she is not good at maths, afraid of blood, and doesn’t like law yet wanna study something ‘professional’.


  1. That’s actually a pretty old joke in the U.S. I remember when I started working they asked me “How do you define an architect?” And the answer was “someone not gay enough to be an interior designer and not macho enough to be an engineer.”

  2. haha, in my country we also know that joke, haha, but in this case is “not gay enough to be an interior designer”

  3. Have you guys noticed that the architect is in balance. life is about balance. too much or too little is bad but bang in the middle is perfection. lol

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