Architecture And The Six Senses

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Architecture And The Senses

Looks like a very good thesis topic.

In a world were buildings are predominantly judged by what they look like, how does someone without sight measure whether a building is a good one or a bad one?

Beyond Appearances – Architecture and the senses

Julian Treasure: Why architects need to use their ears

Watch the video, somewhat interesting.

I remember reading about a mosque located in a busy and noisy market where the narrow entrance of the mosque consist of 2 high walls of flowing water, it uses water to drown out the sound generated by noisy market. It is sort of like a purifying experience as one walk (transit from noisy to quiet) towards the mosque, I can’t remember the name of the mosque.

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Julian Treasure: Why architects need to use their ears
Image by Rachel Schumacher

The Chinese has a saying, and it goes “出淤泥而不染 (chu yu ni er bu ran)”, means the lotus grows out of the mud but does not get polluted by it. That is why we often see Buddha sitting on top of a Lotus flower, reminding us to be like the lotus flower.


lotus flower mud

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