AutoDesk’s AutoWoof 2008

Updated on August 28, 2023 in Architecture Humour

Autodesk’s AutoWoof 2008 is a revolutionary new product; it has the ability to speed up your work by 100%. For your information, AutoWoof 2008 is schedule to replace AutoCAD 2008 in the future; this new amazing product has swept across the global like wild fire and has captured the hearts and imagination of draftsperson and architects.

NO! It is not an AutoDesk 2009 or 2008 crack, it is not some seed file for Bittorrent.

Prepare to be amazed!

Autodesk Dog Biscuit
Don’t forget about Fido! Turn your companion into a working mate. Keep a stash at your desk for the pup who accompanies you to the office… or for your colleague’s dog down the hall, yourself or your boss, yes, especially your boss, he’ll love it and listen to you like a good dog too! Buy the revolutionary Autodesk Dog Biscuit now! Only $0.89.

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