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The Dutch Ministry of Finance organized an architecture competition for which a selected group of architectural offices and artists were invited not to design a building, but the new 5 euro commemorative coin with the theme ‘Netherlands and Architecture’.

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The Architecture five-euro coin was designed by artist Stani Michiels (b. 1973). The design on the obverse of the coin pays tribute to the history of Dutch architecture, with the portrait of Queen Beatrix being distinctively constructed using the names of important architects from Dutch history. The artist used the internet as a popularity-meter to determine the names’ order of appearance.

On the back side of the coin I treated the edge of the coin as a book shelve. The books rise as buildings towards the center. Through their careful placement they combine to outline the Netherlands, while birds’ silhouettes suggest the capitals of all the provinces. The following scheme reveals the process. Source: Royal Dutch Mint

The new commemorative coin is available in the Royal Dutch Mint Coinshop. I tried to order online but the transaction failed, it seemed like they don’t deliver to countries outside of Europe. Surf to this blog for more information on the “Dutch Architecture” 2008 euro coin.

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5 Euro “Dutch Architecture” 2008 | Total Mintage 30,000 | Silver .925 | € 30,95
10 Euro “Dutch Architecture” 2008 | Total Mintage 8,000 | Gold .900 | € 194,95

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  1. If you like, I can send you a coin. I live in the netherlands, so I can buy them at the post-office. Mail me if you like and I’ll see what i can do for you (and how much it costs to send it to you)

  2. Hi Rianne,
    Sorry for hijacking the thread.

    I was wondering if I could get the 5 euro from you. One of my friends who is currently in the Netherlands could not get it for me. I would appreciate it very much.


  3. The design look like a Royal Mint Charles Dicken coin but this is still one beautiful coin, not many coin collectors can get in their hand. I wish I can get one piece of the gold coins in my collection.

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