8 Website To Download High Resolution 2D Cutout Of People For Architectural Perspectives

Updated on January 4, 2022 in Architectural Resources

No explanation needed, here are 9 websites offering high resolution cutout people for download. Do read the Term and Conditions, some are not for commercial use. Other may require credits. So, without further ado, I present you the complete list of High-Resolution 2D People for Use in Your Architectural Renderings.

↓ 01 – Skalgubbar | For Commercial Use


Skalgubbar is free to use for anyone who wants to bring their visualizations of unbuilt architecture to life. For students as well as for commercial use.

↓ 02 – Nonscandinavia | Cutouts And Silhouettes Style | None Commercial Use


Nonscandinavia is an attempt to increase diversity in architectural representation through the provision of free, high-res, cut out people of all kinds. Most of these images have not been licensed for commercial use, and depict everyday people, not models.

↓ 03 – Escalatina | Cutout Of South American


They dedicated their efforts in creating cutouts of people living in South America. It also comes with a Llama cutout.

↓ 04 – Just Nøt the Same | African American | Commercial Use

Just Nøt the Same

Another website that represents more diversity by acknowledging the minority population. Mostly African American.

↓ 05 – Kaleidoscope | Lationo | Blacks | Asians


Kaleidoscope challenges the dominance of gender normativity, ableism and race-blindness in architectural drawings by diversifying the population of represented peoples in renderings.

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↓ 06 – Díaz Paunetto | Group Cutouts

Díaz Paunetto

Free high resolution Cutout People brought to you by the DPA Team. Usually in a group performing some activities.

↓ 07 – MrCutout | People | Cars | Objects | Animals


Finish your image in minutes. Daily cutout library for architects and 3D graphic designers. a wide variety of cutouts in png format & regular updates few times a week for everyone, including commercial use.

↓ 08 – RonenBekerman | Very Large Group of People


RonenBekerman is a source of learning on all aspects of 3d architectural visualization. What makes these cutouts unique is it comes with premade shadow layer.

↓ 09 – Cut Out Life | Includes Asian And Indian Cutouts

Cut Out Life

Cutouts from around the world, from Indonesia, South Africa, Bangladesh, Japan, China, Germany to, to France, Iran, Singapore, the USA, Korea, Spain, Turkey, Uganda, Thailand, your home country. The cutouts are free for all uses.

The author is not a CAD expert nor a web genius. Just another guy spending too much time online. The tutorials featured here are meant for basic level understanding.


  1. For cut out people and plants go to vishopper cut-out-people Select free in the search menu for free images. The images are marked as having a model release or a commercial license. The images are high resolution and crisp.

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