How to Charge the Pablo Picaso and Hokusai Way

Updated on August 28, 2023 in Life Log

Legend has it that Pablo Picasso was sketching in the park when a bold woman approached him.

    “It’s you — Picasso, the great artist! Oh, you must sketch my portrait! I insist.”

    So Picasso agreed to sketch her. After studying her for a moment, he used a single pencil stroke to create her portrait. He handed the women his work of art.

    “It’s perfect!” she gushed. “You managed to capture my essence with one stroke, in one moment. Thank you! How much do I owe you?”

    “Five thousand dollars,” the artist replied.

    “B-b-but, what?” the woman sputtered. “How could you want so much money for this picture? It only took you a second to draw it!”

    To which Picasso responded, “Madame, it took me my entire life.”

This reminds me of the Mad Poet, Hokusai (1760-1849) the great Japanese artist once said that – “At a hundred and ten years old, everything I do – be it but a line or a dot – will be alive.”

What are you worth? How much do you charge for the wonderful work that you do? How do you communicate your value to your clients?

The author is not a CAD expert nor a web genius. Just another guy spending too much time online. The tutorials featured here are meant for basic level understanding.

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  1. I stumbled across this little article while trying to find Picasso’s rendition of Hokusai’s “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife”. According to the Wikipedia article on Hokusai, Picasso did his own interpretation of the famous shunga. I would love to see a picture of it if you have it available.


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