How To Hang Photo Frame – Height And Distance

Updated on August 8, 2019 in Illustration and Presentation 2019

How To Hang Photo Frame - Height And Distance

I was searching for ways to hang my photo frames on my wall and stumbled upon this useful graphic tutorial. The general rules are:

  • Height – Center of frame should be approximately 1560mm – 1600mm, or eye level.
  • Distance – The gap between each frame should be 1/3 of the length of the photo frame. Avoid keeping them too near (crowded) or too far apart (as if they are not related).

Personally, I prefer sketches over photos, sketches tend to have a sense of honesty. As for photos, if possible, avoid images that shows sadness, loneliness, dying or anything related to it. They are:

  • War, battle, fighting, killing images, anything with blood.
  • Portrait with someone’s back facing towards you.
  • A sad lady, or someone crying or dying
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It is your own home, try promoting something happy and cheerful. Something positive. Here are my own photo frames:

How To Hang Photo Frame - Height And Distance

I chose sketches of birds over photos. Free as a birds they say, and freedom you shall have. More examples on ways to hang pictures at pinterest.

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