Dubai’s Hydropolis Undersea Desire Resort

Updated on January 4, 2022 in Architecture Matters

Hydropolis Undersea Resort

The $500-million Hydropolis Undersea Resort is the world’s first underwater hotel. Makes me wonder, what is there to see when the marine species is about to extinct in the near future?

In Dubai, where hotels are prized for ostentation, a group of commercial developers is hyping the creation of the $500-million Hydropolis Undersea Resort. A sprawling 1.1-million-square-foot complex—with lavish suites, a ballroom, a shopping mall and a missile-defense system to ward off terrorists—Hydropolis is an ambitious vision of luxury at 60 feet underwater.

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  1. hey,the video you put along with the Hydropolis article,..does not belong to the same concept…The video refers to Poseidon…another underwater luxury hotel project.

  2. Really,Dubai is a great place for spending holidays and the desire resorts under sea is so beautiful that no one can’t imagine and the hospitality is better.

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