Philip Johnson Glass House

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Travelpods (image above) by Travelodge is the first mobile hotel room, it is for the rich that are not enthusiastic with the idea of pitching a tent and singing dancing around a bonfire. The accommodation measures 6 meters by 2.4 and comes with a double bed, carpeted floors, bathroom and blinds.

The Travelpods looks somewhat similar to Philip Johnson’s Glass House except for the slightly smaller size.

Philip Johnson Glass House
Philip Johnson Glass House

“The house forms a nucleus of 40- acre landscaped complex that contain many other structures. Michael Moran’s photographs present the Glass House in this greater context, and demonstrate that neither part – the house nor its surroundings – would make sense alone”. – Hilary Lewis

Isn’t it funny, when you’re famous, everything you design, be it a small hut would automatically turn into some sort of heritage building. Some buildings are really great, Philip Johnson’s Glass House is an example of great architecture but others simply doesn’t make any sense, yes, Frank Gehry’s Disney Concert hall is one of the many architecture that does not respond to the context.

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  1. Why not compare it to the farnsworth house? Because the Travelpods are not on stilts and do not have a porch.

    If you want to make a snooty correction to the comparison, a better one would be to say that a Travelpod is like a Corbu Citrohan with clear walls.- Structurally, and proportionally, that is closer.

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