Philip Johnson as Mister Glasses on the Death of Modernism

Updated on January 11, 2022 in Videos

Here are some really funny short videos on the death of modernism, the plot revolves around an architect fighting for a place in today’s world, funny, wicked and worth watching. I can’t help but to think Mister Glasses is Harry Potter Philip Johnson, bald, owl-like specs, and not to mention the black attire. Thanks Alec Thornton for the heads up. Enjoy.

Episode 1 – Together with Kitty, Hard Hat and Sean, Mister Glasses defends the values of Modernist Architecture against the onslaughts of wealthy patrons. After weathering a storm of commissions, Mister Glasses reaffirms his architectural philosophy. Look out for a cameo from old 102 friends John Gemberling and Curtis Gwinn.

Episode 2 – Mister Glasses must summon the work of his former mentor in order to aid a lovesick high schooler. Can an architect build a bridge between two hearts? Mister Glasses helps a lovelorn student using a miniature erection.

Episode 3 – Shot by a rival architect, Mister Glasses recounts a childhood trauma.

Episode 4 – While recuperating from a gun shot injury, Mister Glasses tells what he remembers before the arrival of a teutonic adversary. Taken for granted and tired of Mister Glasses’ riddles, Kitty decides to leave the firm. She eventually returns to discover her position has changed.

Episode 5 – A puzzling episode, especially for lovers of zen koans.

Episode 6 – Frustrated over a seemingly impossible commission, Sean seeks inspiration in drink and sexual congress. Mister Glasses continues to study its supporting cast, and this time Hard Hat takes the spotlight in his inimitably* laconic fashion. *Could possibly be imitated.

Episode 7 – Mister glasses must choose between his love of highways and his love of cabbages.

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  1. Hey everyone! Thanks for the compliments—I made these videos. The link for #5 on this post actually links to episode 4.

    Glad you like the show!

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