Too Poor To live, To Poor To Die

Updated on August 8, 2019 in Debates, Ideas and Discussion

My friend told me if you can’t afford a big house; why not invest in a ‘small’ house. The value of the property is less than RM5000 (USD 1414).

RM5000 is a good buy, wait, it is not a good buy, it’s a STEAL! After a long chat, I asked him “What is the total floor area of the ‘small house’?” He never reply my question, instead he invited me for a house viewing tour.

Turns out the ‘small house’ is indeed small but expensive, RM5000 for a ‘small house’ less than one square feet. Future investment he said, the ‘small house’ is a place where you rest in peace, inside a tiny bottle known as the urn.

“Buy Land! They Don’t Make It Anymore!” Mark Twain

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The Ladders to Heaven, Image Source: China Culture

“Too poor to live, to poor to die” is how one newspaper the northeastern city Harbin headlined a report complaining that cemetery plots were now costing more per square meter than luxury apartments.

However in the most sought-after graveyards, such as Beijing’s Babaoshan Cemetery, plots start at a minimum of 70,000 yuan (£6,900) per square metre for a 20-year “lease” after which the deceased must pay a renewal fee or face the indignity of eviction. Source: Telegraph

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    • prefab 20×20 competition? never heard of, you know, I think it is cool to be a tomb stone architect :)

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