Unique Water Faucet Giving Flair to the Bathroom

Updated on August 8, 2019 in Bathroom Design Ideas

Unique Water Faucet Giving Flair to the Bathroom

Bathroom faucets have a pretty simple job: pour water onto your hands. Lacava Design has a list of unique design collection. The water faucet image shown above is a good example, with a price tag of USD660, it is enough to cover my water bill in Malaysia for 10 years. I guess they forgot to include a catch line for the faucet, I would suggest – Once Broke, you’re consider broke too.

The Embrace faucet from Lacava Bathroom Design is sure to add elegance to your vanity, and its distinct design will prompt guests to comment (if only because it takes them a minute to figure out how to turn it on). The faucet is available in two finishes, polished chrome (priced at $627) and satin chrome ($660).

Source : Lacava Design

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  1. I’m looking for some beautiful faucets that are shaped like swans, hippos, and elephants. Theyre’ actually colored, like the swans are white and hippos are purple, etc. I can’t seem to find them anywhere. I saw them in a magazine in a salon and I thought it would be easy enough to do a search but just can’t seem to find them. They’re really beautiful. Do you have any idea where they can be found?

  2. I am looking for animal shaped faucets. Lions, hippos, etc…I saw them in a magazine ad but I am unable to locate these types of faucets on a google search.

    Please help…

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