Santiago Calatrava’s Turning Torso

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Santiago Calatrava’s Turning Torso

Undeniably Santiago Calatrava is one of the greatest architects to walk on this earth, a gift from god to mankind. One of his projects which is the Turning Torso caught my attention, the high rise building’s unique design consist of nice cubes twisting towards the waterfront and surrounding. Calatrava got his concept from a man’s body figure, which is explained thru his sketches above.

During my presentations, the lecturers would ask for the concept of my design, and like what they’ve always emphasize on, a concept should be something non-physical, you cannot touch nor feel it thru any physical contact. A concept should be an idea, for example concepts of my design can be axis, simplistic, cubic, deconstruction, and many more. The idea should be abstract and not take the form of an object and remodel it into your design.

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Calatrava uses a man’s figure as his concept and if I were to do the same, I would have to repeat my design class for the rest of my student life. Design is all about ideas and it doesn’t matter if the end products take the shape of a man or an object, it is how well one can persuade their listeners to agree with them.

“There was a wish to get something exceptional,” Calatrava said after accepting a prize from local authorities. “I also wanted to deliver something technically unique.”
– Santiago Calatrava

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  1. really impressive, a case of creating nature with tchnology, fluid structure but flexible and firm.
    can architects express freely like other creative persons without an overberaing cost conscience?

  2. hi i am an iranian and i am a student of university and study architect and i want be a famouse architect similar calatrava because i love his plans they are very fantastic

  3. It’s Really amazing how someone can have a creative imagination towars nature and many other things it’s impresive

  4. hi, my name is vladimir. i’m from georgia. studying in tbilisi state akademy of arts. i’m future architect. i’m so interesting in Mr.Calatrava’s projects. I think that man is geniuos. its my opinion.

  5. hello i am student of architecture in addis ababa university ethiopia i like the way M.R calatravas explanation of CONCEPT and the way he turnd human body in to a building

  6. when i take the theory of architect part 2, i was follow the progress and collect all of article about turning torso by santiago calatrava, i say: wonderful

  7. hello, i m student of architecture in final year now. I m doing thesis on “human movement and architecture” …so i wanna have understanding of building design project of Santiago Calatrava turning Torso throgh human body can u help me ?

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