Santiago Calatrava, Fashion and Architecture

Updated on August 8, 2019 in Architects and Fashion

santiago calatrava hairstyle comic architect architecture funny
Source: Steve Duenes New Yorker cartoon. It’s apparently now fashionable to poke fun at Santiago Calatrava. Hair style modeled after his Milwaukee Art Museum. via Structuresblog

I’m not a fan of Santiago Calatrava’s architecture; I find his style somewhat too ‘tectonic’, I prefer something simple, say, minimalist. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing him, he has my respect because he made it as one of the many famous architects of our time.

This reminds me of my previous post on Architect’s Dress Code‏ and Why Do Architects Wear Black?

Lately I’ve been giving way too much thought on this archi-fashion thing. Why are architects tied down to the ‘system’ – comb your hair, leather shoe, long shirt, long pants, and a tie. Like those typical office boys and sales person’s attire. We’re in the art and design industry; don’t you think we ought to be a little bit ‘different’ from the rest? I’m not saying we should be funky, dye our hair, and all those nonsense. A good example – jeans and a polo t-shirt, seem somewhat presentable to me, and not to mention comfortable. Steve Jobs is a good example.

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  1. there are many architects who dress much more casual and simple, if you see only architects with corporate clothes all arround you, then you are just in reallly wrong place

  2. lol … clothes shouldn’t really have to do anything with the profession of Architecture.

    It’s a creative industry, wear whatever you want and comfortable in. No need for matching fashion with profession.

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