3 Architectural Comics and Architect's Sleeping Position

3 Architectural Comics and Architect’s Sleeping Position

Updated On June 24, 2016    |     Category: Home » Architecture Humour » Comics + Illustrations

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A friend of my emailed me this really funny comics, I love these archi-comics, anymore? Please email it to me and I’ll share it with all the readers of mirage studio.

Please! More comics can be found at – Architecture Humor section or search our site with the keyword ‘Architecture Comics‘.


  1. Gravatar
    reem meir [ Reply ]

    love it.

  2. Gravatar
    Philip [ Reply ]

    Surely youve seen architecture students in hell + architecure interns in hell?

  3. Gravatar
    sirsc [ Reply ]

    how i wish i could print it on to my shirt

  4. Gravatar
    Dana [ Reply ]

    That is soooooooooooo true. God knows haw many times i fall asleep in those conditions….and I stil have my first drawing :))

  5. Gravatar
    Afshan [ Reply ]

    This is right that u can say who is the best but that is so thorny to make your self the best in architecture because architect skill dereference then other that who can image the view how it well look like

  6. Gravatar
    kaja [ Reply ]

    great hahahaaaa :)
    how architects sleep …

  7. Gravatar
    fleur [ Reply ]

    Good memories

  8. Gravatar
    Oswaldo [ Reply ]

    I can´t think if i must laugh or cry …

  9. Gravatar
    alphy [ Reply ]

    hahahha 110% true…

  10. Gravatar
    arch. areri [ Reply ]

    Yes guys…

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