Contemporary Modern Mosque

Contemporary Modern Mosque

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There are many modern churches around the world, catching up in term of design are mosques around the world. With access to better knowledge, the world has witness a wave of modern mosques. Here’s an interesting proposal. Unfortunately, not many other religion around the world has the flexibility. Temples around the world are still constructed according to the same ‘traditional’ design, only a small number of them are of modern design, such as Tadao Ando’s Water Temple in Japan. Modern Temples, a great thesis topic.

Contemporary Modern Mosque
image source: design boom

Contemporary Modern Mosque
image source: design boom


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    CARLOS FLORES [ Reply ]

    Intersting idea. Acording to my religion and his bible “parameters” are set from a Divine Source in order to be implemented accordingly.

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    TJD [ Reply ]

    The internals present a fascinating concept in every respect.

    The externals are debatable, however.

    The first thing I thought of was the Grand Mosque of Mecca, painted white, on its side, slipping into quick sand.

    I’m pretty sure that is not the impression the designers had in mind.

    However, the deeper idea that the entire building is bowing down like the people inside (and representing them) is very enduring.

    Thanks for the post.

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    Mirza Afzal Baig [ Reply ]

    I appreciate your efforts as a architectural building design, it is very good and unique design but for as mosque from the inside its ok, but from the outside it should be some Islamic touch, like mogul architectural, Russian architectural or Arab architectural.

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    mudaser ahmed [ Reply ]

    interioir techniques are noteable //but exterrior doesnt shows mosque worthy

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    hussain alrashidi [ Reply ]

    Thanks a lot to share this with us :D
    But can you imagine that according to the Islamic law it’s prohibited to decor or ornament the mosque.
    I’m in first year in Architecture and Muslim as well. I tries to collect the Islamic laws which related to Architecture what I found is that what people call “Islamic Architecture” is basically not Islamic I mean it broke lots of what Islam said. And the main idea about Architecture in Islam is simplicity and the people needs.
    And Islam is not for Arab or call people to follow the Arab traditions. Muslims told by the Islamic law to follow the lifestyle of where they live without breaking the Islamic law, That means Muslims in England for example should build their Mosques with English style.

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    Kamal [ Reply ]

    Nice concept. The exterior needs a bit of detailing to make it stand out. Maybe thin borders with monochrome inscriptions.

    Contrary to what the previous commentators are saying, there are absolutely no stipulations or rules on a specific architectural “styles”. The most critical is the function of the mosque which requires a qibla(or similar) for orientation purposes and of course a communal area for the worshippers which you have covered in your design.

    I like what you did with the light,water and reflections.

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    roptor [ Reply ]

    i am a architect and muselm. i like your mosque but it has a big problem.the prayers must be in the same level…Islam say all the prayers must in the same level.

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      taqwa abdulaziem [ Reply ]

      I agree with you roptor..completely right

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    jasa desain rumah [ Reply ]

    Interesting concept. The mosque was prostrating to Allah almighty! Subhanallah!

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    mjrr.haq [ Reply ]

    excuse me..can any architect here explain for me the concept of this mosque(as fast as you can)..please

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    ajdar [ Reply ]

    The concept is interesting but do not really evoke the emotion of an islamic building except for the presence of the minaret-it could pass off as an modern cathedral.

    However certain details need to be look at such as multi levels of prayer safs which is impractical and not according to islamic rule.

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    suhaina haneef [ Reply ]

    hi,i am a student of architecture,
    d concept is really awsme , making d entire mosque prostrate ,ma sha allah!!
    but a gr8 point to be corrected ,are d lvls inside prayer hall..
    islam preaches equality to modification of tat part alone..will make dis mosque mo perfect n suit its purpose

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    jaleela [ Reply ]

    Nice concept. However there are a few religious rules concering this design that would make it flawed. The first is as some mentioned the prayers should be on the same level. To show equality as well as that the prayer requires outmost concentration, it is a ritual that creates a spiritual connection between the person and God. Having different levels will cause distractions for the people praying on top and cut that connection. The same thing applies for the windows in the lower level. People will be having so many distractions from what they would see infront of them or on their sides since this applies on the side windows as well.

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    AHMAD SALIM [ Reply ]

    Hi, Iam a architecture student and my suggestion .the concept is realy realy outstanding and awesome.the problem is only the prayer is must in same level because in prayer in front of allah all the peoples are equal.

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