Architecture And Security

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Architecture And Security
Image Source: Neatorama

Neatorama latest post – The Enemy at the Door is a must read for all architects. We have architecture and sustainability, architecture and music, architecture and this and that but never architecture and security. Architecture Dissertation is like Hollywood, the same old script with different actor and actress. Here’s some food for thought – Security.

Architecture And Security
Image Source: Neatorama

Every time I read of a home invasion robbery, or an in-the-window abduction of a sleeping child, I feel angry and also frustrated. Why should we be so vulnerable in our homes? I’m annoyed with architects.

Why aren’t they designing homes in which we can at least relax and feel safe? If architects won’t do their job, I’ll volunteer to step in and do it for them. Here’s an inverted, upside down single-family home. – Neatorama

I bet the most popular architecture dissertation topic of the year is – 2010 Haiti and Chilean earthquake. Rebuilding this and that, same old boring stuff recycled over and over again.

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The suggestions at Neatorama are pretty silly but the topic on Architecture and Security isn’t.

Architecture And Security
Image Source: Neatorama

The author is not a CAD expert nor a web genius. Just another guy spending too much time online. The tutorials featured here are meant for basic level understanding.

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  1. To days architect and security

    Yes to days Architects is lack of security, privacy and function less. to draw a lines on paper is not a architect. Architect should be fulfill the requirements of mankind. Architect is not only a combination of art and science but it should be the combination of Art, Science, Scale, Balance, Luxury, Aesthetic, Creativity, Style, Function and Privacy. Architect is like a poet who thinks and speaks in terms of construction. The true work of the Architect is to organize, intergrades and glorify utility. Good planning, sound construction and pleasing appearance are the principle of architect.
    Architects are born, God gifted and not made.
    Now a day’s peoples are expending millions on their structure but unfortunately our mostly Architects are not capable to fulfill the satisfaction of the users, except few.
    In olden days Architects who have created world class structures based on security first just few centuries ago. The history represent the creativity of them even today but their generation have not a fraction of that sense to create aesthetic, luxury, comfort, style, pleasant and symmetry in their architecture where as you have full support of science , art, advanced modern technology and materials, except few.
    If you survey today’s structures it is very sad to say that many Architects are failed to provide for what they are!!!!!
    The structures are lack of security, pleasing, privacy, function, rydham, comfort, proportion. scale, balance, Harmon, and aesthetic scenes. The design look like a freehand drawing without the principle, proportion and lack of basic demands of mankind. Under the name of Modern architect they are serving you a Modern Art which is beyond the imagination of a common man.
    Architecture is not just line work, it is full of vision. Sense , demands, comfort, pleasant, luxury, style security and status.
    To days mostly structures are function less, quality less and without security and privacy. Many users have to travel through the rooms disturbing the privacy of the others. Sometimes even through the kitchen too. Stairs and steps are not comfortable to users.
    The kitchen is not planned considering the human factors where as a lady have to spend major time in kitchen in uncomfortable condition.
    The toilets are congested in dimension and lack of facilities which is uncomfortable to users. Were as its purpose itself is for relax and comfort.
    All these elements are inconvenience and stress producing to the users and Architects making the user’s task difficult instead of comfort.
    Beauty in the structure can be achieved in economically by applying aesthetic sense and combination of proper materials, quality finishes and classical effects, as an artist can change the picture by drawing a single line or dot at the proper place.
    To days Architects are so lucky, they have tools of Auto Cad and Internet to come in touch with the world but unfortunately they use this just for cut and past regardless the situation, region and culture. Architect should not be commercial only. They should work for fame, beauty, security and comfort of mankind.
    I am not talking about the individual Architect only but like big organizations and the Government departments which have lack of pleasing, engineering, proper design and far away from quality concept. Structures are from lack of knowledge and experience by the designer. There is no beauty concept in their design and lack of amenities. Not only buildings and gardens but roads, bridges, dams, hospitals, stadiums should be pleasing and beauty. Any structure whether private or Government should be look like engineered and aesthetically pleasant.
    To provide pleasant, economical, secure design and space utilization is the responsibility of professional Architect and not the client. Of course client wants elegant and better design than others.
    Many times clients have no faith in Architect, so they destroy their structure by consulting their unprofessional friends, relatives. In such a situation clients should consult only professionals, just to avoid loss of millions and patient. Many clients use the Architect for permission purpose only and relied on experience masons/contractors who cause them huge loss. Of course Architect is a better option than mason. Don’t compromise in reducing the cost of project by avoiding the supervising architect for the execution of project too.
    I think in America and developed countries, the clients may get their design cross check by appointing other Architects and get their project executed under the professional supervising authority only. It does not mean that they have no faith in their first architect but they may believe that the 2nd opinions always better option and an Architect is a human being and can commit the mistake which will cause them panic and loss and they have to pay for that.
    America and developed countries are so developed because they used professionals in their project from initial to last. And not compromise in initial investment, hence they are so developed and produced beautiful, elegant structures.
    I am not seems to be a perfect designer but I try for comfort, luxury, style, function, privacy, secure, economic and status. As I came close to different national people and their style in foreign countries for 20 years,
    I always work for secure, comfort, pleasant, style, luxury of mankind and fame. I have a great experience of classical luxury structures and combinations of classical with modern feature base on European and American style.

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