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Updated on January 11, 2022 in Quotes

“Architects are pretty much high-class whores. We can turn down projects the way they can turn down some clients, but we’ve both got to say yes to someone if we want to stay in business.” – Philip Johnson

“Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together. There it begins.” – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

“Architecture is the art of how to waste space.” – Philip Johnson

“There are three forms of visual art: Painting is art to look at, sculpture is art you can walk around, and architecture is art you can walk through” – Dan Rice

“Architecture is music in space, as it were a frozen music” – Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling

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“Houses are built to live in, not to look on; therefore, let use be preferred before uniformity, except where both may be had. ” – Francis Bacon

“A building can be designed to satisfy “by the month” with the regularity of a provider. Or it can give satisfaction in a very different way, “by the moment,” the fraction of a second, with the thrill of a lover.” – Richard Neutra

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  1. Do u happen to know any online freelance jobs for arch. grad. to make extra $$ while unemployed after graduated? I know it is a wired Q to ask u. :P

  2. Architecture is like when we altogether but never become the thing we really needed from the very beginning so the we have to go back and figure out what was wrong.then you find somthing missing like you have lost a person from your group…”
    -Anna harlies

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