Cat Table for Architect Cat Lovers

Updated on December 31, 2017 in Contemporary Furniture

In movies and most social norms, cats are associated as evil, bad luck and so on. Those that are not exposed to both cats and dogs tend to lean towards dogs, probably because movies depict dogs as friendly, smart and caring, while cats and always beside an evil witch. When was the last time you read about cat killing a man?


Cat Table for Architect Cat Lovers

Anyway, Ruan Hao of the Hangzhou-based architecture firm LYCS designed a table for cat lovers, the cat table is made out of wood, a playground for the playful cat. Cats are known to love boxes, as shown in the video below, Maru the Cat is famous for sitting in any boxes, even tiny boxes. All images copyright LYCS Architecture.

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cat table

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Modern table for cats

Cat Table for Architect Cat Lovers

Maru the Cat

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