Curtin University Week 9 Architectural Thesis Review

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Jason Chow and my thesis supervisor Mike Richardson, he is a friendly guy and possibly the friendliest lecturer I’ve ever encounter, unlike all the other architects and lecturers in town, he rides a bat mobile to work every day, to be honest, it looks more like a space shuttle with three wheels.

That’s me (left) and Seng Munky, I like this pic.

Emil, an architecture student and an ex-policeman, his thesis topic is about prison cells. What I like about Australia, Europe, America and all the white man countries is their vibrant… dynamic.. what’s the word… you know, where they don’t have to worry about money, those sort of things where the government encourages their people to study and gain more knowledge. Education to them is about knowledge, unlike in Asian countries, our parents tend to advice us on continuing our studies, hoping that we could earn lots of money in the future. It’s all about money money money…

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Mr.Ko, he is superman, completed his drawings, 3ds, models… basically week 9 is his graduation.

The author is not a CAD expert nor a web genius. Just another guy spending too much time online. The tutorials featured here are meant for basic level understanding.


  1. ah much appreciated, thank you! i’m on my 5th year studying architecture in Northern Ireland! this site is real cool.. keep up with the good work

  2. Hi Colophone,

    You put it nicely regarding the “white man” i.e European countries, but a little caution is neccessary here.

    After all these are the same countries that have brought us all the world wars, colonisation of far away lands (and complete disregard for cultures and civilisations (much) older than their own), and more recently complete arrogance and chauvinism toward the good of their closest neigbours (e.g. Bosnia).

    They have thereby repeatedly shown ingnorance towards whatever lessons they could have learned from history. And I don’t see this changing in the next 100 years.

    The bottom line: “White mens” countries always see themselves as leaders of the world, majority of their citizens see themselves as superior.

    I’m and Australian but would be very careful about learning from “white countries” and conversely respect “Asian parents” pushing their kids to achieve, earn money, find reliable work, help out etc.



    P.S. I like your blog, I believe I even learned some (late-night) Photoshop tricks from you a few years back so cheers to that.

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