Dubai Time Residence Rotating Tower

Updated on August 8, 2019 in Architecture Matters 2019

Dubai Time Residence Rotating Tower

Dubai with a population of one million do not need another ridiculous high-rise building, the latest proposal – the Time Residences tower is going to be a solar-powered 360-degree rotating version. With a tropical climate receiving lots of sun light through out the year, the Time Residences needs all the power for its gigantic motors to turn the building a full rotation over the course of 7 days. Dubai’s economy is overheating, everyone is speculating about the new found miracle in the land of sand, either they find some ways to cool down their economy like what China is doing now or face the possibility that one day Dubai will turn into a city of ghost with lots of unique abandon buildings.

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Construction is expected to start in June next year with projected completion in the first quarter of 2009. Rental? priceless compare to the New York studio that you are about to rent.

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  1. Interesting kinetic building, if you want to see more rotating, sliding, transforming buildings..have a look at

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