Is Burj Dubai World Tallest Skyscrapper?

Updated on January 4, 2022 in Architecture Rumbling

Is Burj Dubai World Tallest Skyscrapper?

We knows that the world tallest building is the not-so-pleasant looking Taipei 101 at 509m, and the would be tallest… I hate to say this but why Dubai? Burj Dubai projected at 800m is going to be the world’s tallest, the final height of the Burj Dubai is being kept a secret; however, figures released by a contractor on the project have suggested a height of around 808 metres, but I believe it could be somewhere around 820m.

The concept?
The design of Burj Dubai derived from the patterning systems embodied in Islamic architecture, with the triple-lobed footprint of the building based on an abstracted desert flower native to the region, which is non other than The Hymenocallis.

hymenocallis burj dubai concept

burj dubai world tallest footprint foundation

The footprint of Burj Dubai, image source: Wikipedia

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages – The world tallest building at 2000m is MrWong’s Soup’s Apartments. Yes, it is at 2000m, eat your heart out Dubai! Well, it is some sort of urbanism and architecture project, am not really sure but it could be that each student are given a slot and they have to come up with some sort of design.

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There you go, click here – Mr.Wong’s Soup Apartment for the full image, you need a broadband and an oxygen tank – just in case you faint.

World Tallest Skyscrapper

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  1. Woww… Burj dubai is fabulous…, absolutely!!
    Go Dubai.., show the world that ‘living is showing’, now you’re showing your masterpiece.
    you’d be remembered of all ages.
    Horas Burj Dubai, he he he…

  2. hello…
    how is the progress of Burj Dubai, I would like to know it. I often tell my friends that actually they need to turn their eyes from merely European’s building or China’s, Americas…
    coz now another most amazing building of a truly skyscrapper is in Dubai standing firmly..
    let me know if it’s complete that my friends and i may visit it..

  3. The technological exhibition in burj al arab is bizarre & indeed remarkable.We pray that African contries will be blessed with a blossom & bouyant economy as dubai.

  4. Hi…I need som plans of Burj Dubai, because I must make 3D model in Autodesk AutoCad or in Autodesk Viz and I have not any plans.

  5. really great!! ıt’s my dream to go to dubai and see that fantastic building! I have prepared a presentation about the process of construction and as I did that, I am really impressed so much.being a future’s architect,I respect to burj dubai…!!

  6. The silhouettes of Taipei101, Petronas, and Sears (Willis) towers are grossly incorrect!

    The rooftop heights are as follows:

    (#1 Shanghai 487m)
    #2 Taipei101 449m
    #3 Sears 442m
    #4 Petronas 378.6m

    A better picture is here:

    You can see just how much taller Sears is than Petronas and how Taipei101 is not that much taller than Sears.


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