18 Days Factory-Built Mass Produced Prefab Houses That Fold Into Place

Updated on January 4, 2022 in Construction and Technology

Unlike other basic necessities such as food, cloths and many more, houses remain the only necessities that can never be mass produced entirely. From the idea of fabricating a house entirely from plastic to prefab it like lego blocks, the idea simply never took off in a big way.

Blu Homes makes prefabricated houses that fold up in the factory for shipping and then unfold on site and are bolted onto a foundation in a day. Blu’sbreakthrough computer modeling, unique use of steel and wood and patented folding hinge technology makes homes that are economical to ship and can be built in half the time of traditional custom building. Bloomberg visits Blu’s Vallejo, Calif. factory to learn how hinges and advanced software make building a luxury home in a factory possible. (Source: Bloomberg)

Blu Home has 7 ready made designs, all you need is a plot of land. The only possible explanation for pass failure in mass producing houses is beauty, those prefab mass produced houses look like mass housing from the communist failed state. Anyway, this new method appears promising. Check out the photo gallery. Image copyright Blu Home.

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