Rebuilding Haiti And Chile, Thesis Topic Of The Year

Updated on August 28, 2023 in Architecture Rumbling

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Yesterday, a 6.0-magnitude earthquake hits E. Philippines. The week before, Chile was rocked by a 8.8 magnitude earthquake with 115 aftershocks, Chile was ready for quake, Haiti wasn’t. A 6.6 magnitude quake hit Haiti with 30+ strong aftershocks. Maybe the Mayans was right about 2012, or they ran out of stone to carve the dates on.

Back to this whole rebuilding Haiti and Chile thing, I have this weird feeling “Rebuilding XXX” will be one of the hottest topic of the year for thesis alongside sustainable design.

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p.s. Remember to donate – Support Disaster Relief in Chile

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  1. The world is going through hard times and it’s happening because God is revealing His presence, and we must serve Him alone. It’s time to change our ways!!

  2. Oh yes! now i lurvesss disaster like Earthquake!

    without disaster, people will not think & do necessary alignment for future…
    much more of wasting time champion over who become the biggest beast!

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