The most Liveable Cities in the World

Updated on January 4, 2022 in Architecture Rumbling

The most Liveable Cities in the World

According to The Economist, Australia has four out of ten most liveable cities in the world, they are Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Sydney. Technically I am currently in one of the world’s most liveable city.

Some of the main factors taken into account are recreational and cultural activity in a city, Perth has quite a number of these cultural squares and recreational centers that appears to be dead. Well, at least it is peaceful and quiet over here, unlike Malaysia, crime is everywhere. You’re not a Malaysian until someone rob or con during your lifetime as a Malaysia.

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  1. On the list (ok at the bottom I mean) I see many african cities (algiers, katmandu, dakar…) which are having a population growth of 500% each year and paradoxically a factor of amelioration of about -1000% (it means deterioration i guess). This is a reality all african government are forgetting and in about 20 years it will become a huge problem (like in an Implosion problem) when cities of 20 millions will emerge.

    I’m feeling so sad, I guess I have to get back to my huge hometown and get to make things happen ! Calvin you’ll be the first invited when we top our town on the 50th position of this list (I’m not that ambitious !)

  2. We have Japan, South Korea and Singapore in Asia, Dubai could be a first world country for the middle east.

    Africa needs a role model, a good organize city. Work smart, there are lots of opportunity and room for a first world country and city in Africa, the question is which country?

  3. These days South African cities are reprezenting the future in Africa with their social background and their bright projects!
    Capetown is commonly known as the best living city in Africa well…their are having their share of social problems (Aids, insecurity, …) and in 2010 the Soccer of World Cup will take place there. I’ve met some great urban activists yesterday who were worrying about the street vendors and beggers situation and realized how difficult reality is in those kind of cities (I’m thinking about bombay and its multiplicity too)

  4. it is not suprise to see four of australia cities is in the list due the fact that the sustainable and proper development.I wonder where is china?
    why india, what about china?isnt it suppose to be part of the worst place to live with pollution and high gdp growth.
    Malaysia the problem is part of the society fabric, how do we stop crime ? it is up to the people itself.
    If we are liberal enuf in malaysia, we can even sue the police for poor work as you can see some cases in australia.
    Malaysia, you go shop in gucci, vienna, your sony shop, your apple shop, next day is going to be in someone`s hand

  5. Well, it’s nice to know that I once lived in the world’s worst liveable city. Algiers… They sure have a lot of problems there. I was a child back there.

    Also, I lived for 6 years in Cairo, Egypt, and wasn’t the the cleanest nor nicest place around, but I had quite a good quality of life as a stranger, and had a great time there.


  6. Melboune is definately a very good city to live… well planned, low pollution, nice weather though unpredictable, life is prtty calm and cool here…. very nice and clean place with friendly people.

  7. Let’s be fair here, the only reason Algiers appears on this list is because of the threat of terrorism and civil unrest which according to the Economist constitute a major contributing factor to the cities that suffer from the worst liveability scores, and certainly has nothing to do with other factors.

  8. Adelaide would have to be one of the world’s LEAST liveable cities. It’s definitely a boy’s club. If you’re not FROM Adelaide, forget about getting a job there. Everyone has their finger in the same pie and if you’re not one of the boys you will be treated like a slave. If you are from the eastern states DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT MOVING THERE.

    Rohan Bishop

  9. @R Bishop

    Hey dude, sorry to see you’ve taken such a negative view of our great state. Can you give a specific reason for your tirade? I’m sure that if you clarify I’ll be able to at least set the record straight. As far as I’m aware there are plenty of opportunities here… and don’t you know that our fair city is the only Australian mainland city not settled by convicts :)



  10. You can relax Cecil my friend. My comments were based on the West End beer ad… designed to keep the Vics out. Adelaide is one of the world’s most liveable cities and there are enough jobs for everyone. Unfortunately it’s also the home of the *world’s* most annoying and elusive email SPAMMERs and I recently wasted 5 hours trying to stop them from sending me truckloads of rubbish about conferences and courses. Has the term “SPAM RAGE” been invented yet? LOL


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