Perth, the city that sleeps

Updated on January 4, 2022 in Life Log

perth city kings park night view

Having been here for a few months, people tend to post the same question over and over again – ‘How do you find Perth?’ I bet I’ll be getting tons of these questions when I get back home end of the year, and my answer is still relatively the same, ‘The city that sleeps.’ The West Australian paper has an interesting article on Perth as a city and its lifestyle, and it says:

I’m not quite convince with the motor vehicle part but he was right about the “funk factor”, my first few weeks in Australia was a horrible experience, I couldn’t imagine myself living in a ‘City’ that literally shuts itself up before 5, according to one of my lecturers, it used to be some kind of Union law requiring every shops in Western Australia to have their door shut before 5, but it appears that they are trying very hard to reverse this trend currently.

The other thing about Perth is the architecture, unlike Sydney and Melbourne, Perth lacked an architecture identity and ironically they’re the richest state in Australia, according to my lecturer, Perthlings prefer to spend their money on health care, education… anything but architecture, and when they do, they do it with a big bang – the iconic Perth Convention Center.

Demographer Bernard Salt said Perth was easily the most suburban of Australia’s capital cities, largely because much of Perth had been developed post-World War II in the era of the motor vehicle. He said Perth lacked the inner-city “funk factor” of Melbourne and Sydney and therefore there had not been a lure for people to live closer to the city, though that had started to be addressed in suburbs such as Subiaco and Northbridge.

perth convention exhibition center

Because of its flat and extended design, and many question its bland and unimaginative architecture, it is jocularly referred to as ‘The Hay Shed’ or better known as ‘The cockroach’ by the locals because of its shape.

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  1. I have the same experience, I moved form Tel-Aviv city the unstop city of Israel to sleepy city called Haifa.
    I also moved because of my architecture studys.
    Everyone have mercy on me.

  2. It depends on what you view as important I suppose. Perth does have a lot of non-cultural activities like the beach, the sports, cafe culture in Subi/Freo/Leederville/Claremont etc. Oh and the pubs all over, and the nightclubs in Northbridge.

    It’s now better with the shops too with more late-night supermarkets (IGA) than before.

    Personally, I think having good friends around you is important to you enjoying a city.

    Though I agree with you with regards to the architecture – can’t compete with Melbourne or Sydney with their richer history.

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