Blueprint of Houses – The Jetson, Flintstone and Star Wars

Updated on January 30, 2020 in Architecture Humour 2019

jane geroge jetson home mark bennett
The Jetson

uncle owen aunt rue luke skywalker mark bennett
Luke Skywalker from Star Wars

Artist Mark Bennett drew floor plans for movie characters from big-screen hits, including Gone With the Wind, Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolfe, Luke Skywalker, the Jetsons and many more! This prints shows the Jeston’s house and Luke Skywalker’s house in Star Wars. Mark Bennett is an artist and I doubt the plans drawn by him are architecturally correct, anyway it doesn’t really matter, Tadao Ando never went to an architecture school and look at him today.

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flintstones house blueprint
The Flintstones

mark bennett home of ralph and alice kramden
Home of Ralph and Alice Kramden

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