Kinetic Aesthetic Architectural Project - Curtin University

Kinetic Aesthetic Architectural Project – Curtin University

Updated: February 4, 2014

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Dr.John Stephen – photoshooting

Students from the Department of Architecture & Interior Architecture took part in a simple project entitled Kinetic Aesthetic on Monday 4th of August, 2008. The first year students were asked to design and construct a short duration kinetic architectural project, the overall project was somewhat a success, I find it interesting.

Some of the themes are:

Food /Candy? Biscuits?
and many more

The Biscuits theme is basically a waste of biscuits and more delicious biscuits – square shaped biscuits stacked in rows for the domino run? Africans are starving, and here we are wasting food.

The jungle theme is the most interesting among the others, probably due to the cute toy stuffs, where the hell is the gorilla? If I am not mistaken, the toy gorilla was meant to ‘swing’ its way down and ‘kick’ the tennis ball towards the giraffe.

The guys with the toy theme did some really impressive work, they have some really wicked toys – kill bill, a decapitated baby head (gross), skulls, Mr.Potato, Gingerbread and many more.

I was expecting something more gruesome, where is the guillotine?

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